A NIWA-led study discovered sun-warmed waters beneath the world’s biggest slab of ice.
Section of Ross Ice Shelf melting 10 times faster than the rest - study
Satellite images are making it possible for a headcount of the rare crabeater seals.
Kiwi scientist calls on public to help count rare seal pups
Watch: Curious killer whale checks out selfie stick in breath-taking underwater footage filmed by Kiwi scientist in Antarctica
NZ scientists return from Antarctic voyage with new knowledge about life in the Ross Sea
Sea ice antarctic
Scientists call for urgent action to reduce emissions to curb Antarctic Ice Sheet melt
Watch: Stunning vision shows Weddell seals playing, fighting underwater in Antarctica
NASA scientists detect large glaciers melting in east Antarctica
The start of the science season is already two weeks behind schedule.
Wild weather forces longest delay in 40 years for Kiwi scientists journeying to Antarctica
Antarctica NZ head resigns
Greenpeace finds shocking evidence of plastic pollution in Antarctica
The tanks are now a new mini-base at Cape Adare and are to become a crucial part of the restoration of the continent's first building.
'A big kids' adventure' – Kiwi adventurer back from rare Antarctic mission to install modified water tanks
Canterbury University scientists are back home after a month on the ice.
Watch: Amazing new images of orcas emerge from Antarctica's 'Whale Highway'
1 NEWS’ Lisa Davies caught up with Madeline Graham as she rehearsed in Christchurch.
Top Royal NZ Ballet dancer performing in Antarctica to help raise awareness around climate change
The video, due for release in March, is being filmed in Antarctica where the plane crash happened almost 40-years-ago.
Air New Zealand's newest safety video questioned by Erebus victim's families
The balloons will help track the volatile continents extreme conditions and develop better models for our own weather.
Antarctic scientists help Kiwi weather models by releasing hi-tech helium balloons linked to the internet
The plane left Christchurch for Scott Base early Friday morning.
A full year on ice ahead, as first flight of Antarctic research season touches down
There's concern over the effect rising sea levels will have here and abroad.
Antarctic 'warming signal' could have big implications for global weather
The polar researchers will become the first to wed on British Antarctic Territory at Rothera Station on Adelaide Island.
Talk about a white wedding? British couple to tie the knot in Antarctica
The Director of the Antarctic Research Centre says the iceberg will cause problems for local wildlife.
Massive iceberg which broke off from Antarctica could 'cause problems for wildlife' - researcher
There's concern over the effect rising sea levels will have here and abroad.
Scientists in Antartica painting a bleak picture for low lying New Zealand coastal communities
The statue was rocked from its plinth during the 22 February, 2011, earthquake.
Repair work begins on quake-damaged Christchruch statue of Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott
Antarctic moss is growing faster due to increasing temperatures on the continent, new research shows.
Climate change could one day make Antarctica a forest again, research suggests
The event is part of the Scott Base 60th anniversary year.
Thousands of people tune into live climate change talks from Antarctica's Scott Base
Hillary's Hut has been restored to it's original condition.
'I think it's extraordinary' – Hillary's Hut restored to original condition
Stunning timelapse footage commemorates three months work on Hillary’s Hut completed on the 60th Birthday of NZ’s permanent presence on Antarctica.
Watch: Incredible timelapse footage captures the three months spent restoring Hillary's Hut
The 400kg-plus seals usually don't move much at all, but they put on quite a show for those at the Scott Base anniversary.
Watch: Frisky Antarctic seals emerge from icy water, put on an unexpected show for 1 NEWS reporter at Scott Base
For some, working on the restoration project has been a dream come true.
Race against time to get Sir Edmund Hillary's hut fully restored for Scott Base's big birthday
The visitors recorded their online TEDx Scott Base talk, expressing their desire to educate the world on climate change.
Influential visitors share their passion for Antarctica in TED Talk
It seems everyone on Antarctica is loving Dan Barry's personality.
'Antarctica all the way, no question' - enthusiasm exuded by astronaut and Survivor star Dan Barry
Gin Wigmore joins an extensive guest list as part of the TEDx team visiting the icy continent.
Gin Wigmore on a mission to impart knowledge about climate change from life-changing trip to Antarctica