Antarctica (file picture).

'Fascinating' study probes climate change impact on Antarctic species

A University of Otago computer model can now accurately predict how Antarctic shellfish grow.

Watch: Air New Zealand releases controversial new Antarctica-themed safety video featuring Entourage star Adrian Grenier

Family of one of the 257 people who died in the 1979 Erebus plane crash on the southern continent said the filming location was "very disrespectful".

Entourage star Adrian Grenier to feature in Air New Zealand's Antarctic safety video

Grenier says the video being released next month is well aligned to his own commitment to environmental issues.

New Zealand was at the forefront of the push for fishing restrictions in the Ross Sea.

World's second largest marine sanctuary created 'effectively in New Zealand's back yard'

The government admits monitoring the remote Ross Sea area will be challenging.

Antarctic Scott Base revamp on cards with $4m allocated to Kiwi base in budget

The expected redevelopment will be made within the next decade.

The phenomena hasn’t been seen in the area for 10 years.

Watch: Beautiful and rare 'dragon skin' ice forms on Antarctica's Ross Sea

The phenomena hasn’t been seen in the area for 10 years.

The visitors recorded their online TEDx Scott Base talk, expressing their desire to educate the world on climate change.

'Antarctica is calling out for us to help her' - Hollywood journalist Ashlan Cousteau

Ms Cousteau has just taken part in a TED Talk recorded as part of 60th anniversary celebrations at Scott Base.

Applicants went to Antarctica’s Ross Sea, Mount Ruapehu’s icey ridges and glowworm caves as part of this year’s competition.

NZ Photographer of the Year hopefuls traverse length of country to nail perfect shot

Applicants went to locations including Antarctica's Ross Sea, Mt Ruapehu's icy ridges and glow worm caves.

Police car

Motorcyclist seriously injured in Auckland crash

A motorcycle and car collided at Glenfield, closing the northbound lane.

The Scott Base crew are clocking up the kilometres, enough to reach the South Pole, to prove you can help a worthy cause from the bottom of the world.

'Move-ember' - it's Movember Antarctica style

No follicle target here - New Zealand's team at Scott Base is taking on the "move" challenge.

The Antarctica-bound team are part of an international expedition to honour the legacy of early explorers.

Sir Peter Blake's son in crew retracing ill-fated Antarctic voyage 100 years on

James Blake and two others are setting sail towards Antarctica, retracing Sir Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated voyage.


Scott Base science facilities get major upgrade

The world's southernmost building project is happening in the coldest months of the year.


White headed petrel an unlikely visitor to Queenstown

The bird's usual home is the sub-Antarctic islands.


Antarctic treasure Hillary Hut to be preserved

New plans announced today mean the 1950’s building that once housed Sir Edmund Hillary will be protected.


'NZ needs important Antarctic research' - Nigel Latta

Clinical psychologist Nigel Latta talks about his new show looking at scientists who choose to travel to remote areas like Antarctica.


Cantabrians step aboard a US Air Force Globemaster

Thousands have learned more about Christchurch's special relationship with Antarctica.


Antarctic science season underway

More than 100 staff left Christchurch today to support science teams through the Antarctic Summer.


Climate change looms over Antarctic scientists

Researchers are racing to learn more about what warming trends might mean for the icy continent.

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