A dog rides on a bus.

Auckland Council to consider letting pets on public transport

City Councillor Cathy Casey says it’s about time, as Auckland is on the back foot when it comes to animals.

The nine-year-old rescue pup won for her lolling tongue and protruding teeth.

Zsa Zsa the bulldog named World's Ugliest Dog for 2018

Dogs in the annual competition flaunt their imperfections - some have hairless bodies, others have lolling tongues.

The cub named Taigan, has become very fond of a little puppy named Alabai at Vladivostok Zoo.

Tiger cub and puppy form an unlikely friendship at Russian zoo

A video published by the zoo shows the tiger cub and the puppy playing together inside a cage.

Koko was considered a pioneer in interspecies communication, mastering sign-language after being taught it by scientist Dr Francine Patterson.

Koko, the gorilla who knew sign language, dies at 46

Koko's capacity for language and empathy opened the minds and hearts of millions of people.

Aussie man revives frog eaten by snake

"He looked dead ... It came back to life, I couldn't believe it."

Kiwi scientists say New Zealand's environment is changing and birds are sounding the alarm.

'We need to do more' – 10-year-survey shows dramatic drop in NZ precious wildlife

Kiwi scientists say New Zealand's environment is changing and birds are sounding the alarm.

MPI says it's the only way to fully eradicate cow disease Mycoplasma bovis from the 28 properties it's been detected on.

Aussie cattle deaths on live export ship to China blamed on virus, not the awful conditions

The 46 livestock deaths were not related to heat stress an official says.

Kaitāia man jailed for one-year for pāua poaching, and $12k black market sale

William Rini Wikitera, 42, had previous convictions for pāua poaching.

Watch: Gigantic live 400kg croc caught near popular fishing spot in Darwin

The average crocodile found in the area is only half the size according to experts.

Animal Evac’s Steve Glassey says pets are often left behind during disasters and emergencies - and they want to change that.

New 'Animal Evac' aims to get pets to safety during emergencies and disasters

More than 1000 pets were left behind during the Edgecumbe flooding last year.

DOC investigating native birds tortured and killed in Kāikoura

At least nine native red-billed gulls were killed this morning according to Kāikoura Wildlife Rescue.

Watch: Massive mako shark washes up on Sydney's famous Bondi Beach

Curious beachgoers gathered around the discovery.

Lobsters latest target as US, China trade war escalates

China said it wants to place new duties on items such as farm products, autos and seafood starting on July 6.

Girl's best friend? Three-year-old found safe in US cornfield with faithful dog by her side

The Yorkshire Terrier has been hailed a "hero" by the girl's family after she went missing yesterday.

Rottweilers who mauled Southland man last week euthanised

Oliver Beaumont was seriously injured after he was attacked by the Rottweilers near his home in Winton on Sunday.

Designer asks for public support to make LEGO kākāpō available for purchase

The design for the free-standing bird has received 431 supporters so far, with 423 days left to go.

Auckland Zoo has welcomed two critically-endangered cotton-top tamarins.

Auckland Zoo welcomes two adorable cotton-top tamarins

The parents are from Germany and South America, and mum usually does the feeding while dad carries them.

'Please give him a chance' - dog found abandoned with heartbreaking letter in Sydney after owners couldn't afford to treat skin condition

Booka, short for Boockaboo, a four-year-old Shar Pei cross, was found by RSPCA NSW's Sydney shelter in an overnight cage.

Whiskey pushed out a window screen and jumped onto the second-story overhang, when he realised his mistake.

Watch: 'Don't jump!' 82kg Saint Bernard rescued from roof after adventure goes wrong

Whiskey pushed out a window screen and jumped through, before realising his mistake.

Elaine Booker says it took a trip to Fair Go to see progress on the problem, with the owner and authorities seeming to turn a deaf ear.

'I cannot sleep through that' says neighbour driven crazy by barking dog

Elaine Booker says it took a trip to Fair Go to see progress on the problem.

Rare fly discovery gets Kiwi scientists buzzing

Until now, only two species of the long-legged fly have been reported as originating in New Zealand.

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