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Shark populations sees dramatic decline in east Australia - study

At the same time a recent spate of attacks has again sparked calls for a shark cull.

Body of suspected juvenile Māui dolphin found washed up on Auckland beach

The body was badly decomposed and appears to have been on Karioitahi Beach for some time.

Hundreds of greyhounds euthanised last season

Animal activists are calling for a ban on the sport, saying it is outrageous that 353 dogs were killed.

Weka left on Parliament steps by 1080 protesters was shot, autopsy finds

In September Parliament's Speaker laid a formal complaint with police over the incident.

Judie Johnson was swimming along at Hahei Beach when she found herself encircled by a pod of orca.

Most watched: Extraordinary drone footage shows woman surrounded by orca whales while out for Coromandel swim

Judie Johnson was swimming alone at Hahei Beach last week when three orca sidled up to her.

New Plymouth SPCA investigating after man blows smoke into kitten's face in attempt to get it 'stoned'

A video of the incident was posted to Facebook and the New Plymouth SPCA is investigating.

The Auckland dolphin and whale watching business wants to get more people enthusiastic about protecting our oceans.

Youngsters get first-hand look at plastic pollution in Hauraki Gulf via eco-tourism company

The dolphin and whale watching business wants to get more people enthusiastic about protecting our oceans.

Joel Gould managed to swim to rocks after his leg was mauled by a shark on the NSW mid-north coast.

Man hospitalised after shark attack while surfing at New South Wales beach

Surfer had previously referred to himself as "shark bait".

The eight whales on Ninety Mile Beach were shot before rescuers including children were cleared from the beach.

DOC criticised over euthanising eight pygmy whales stranded in Far North

The whales were shot dead before rescuers, including children, were cleared from the beach.

The trooper does a double-take as the lemur runs around and stands on its hind legs.

Watch: Lemur springs out of trailer, surprising US officer arresting driver

State wildlife officers took custody of the lemur and other exotic animals including a tortoise, a goat, a parrot and a wallaby.

She is one of an estimated 100 other Highland tigers who are trying to be saved from extinction.

Rare and curious wildcat kitten born at UK Zoo

There are only an estimated 100 wildcats, also known as the Highland Tiger, remaining in the United Kingdom.

New footage shows people frantically trying to stop dolphins stranding at Northland beach

Four dolphins stranded on Tokerau Beach and were refloated, but dozens remain in shallow water near the shore.

'Plant-based' F1 champ Lewis Hamilton receives top PETA honour

He follows in the footsteps of Ricky Gervais, Queen rocker Brian May and the late Sir Roger Moore.

Baby albatross

Plastic waste killing New Zealand seabirds, a more targeted approach urged

Predictions are that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean within the next 30 years.

Warning Queensland heatwave causing erratic snake behaviour after man bitten in bed

"The likelihood of a venomous snake coming into a dwelling to escape the heat is probably a lot more than it used to be."

Clem and Karen Newby had just finished milking when they heard the enormous clap.

'You lose cows farming, it's a fact of life, but this was quite sad' - Waikato farmers on loss of four 'girls' in lightning strike

"If a worker had been following behind those girls there's no doubt they would have been struck," said Clem Newby.

Northland farmer filmed allegedly hitting cows with steel pipe facing charges

The farm worker is seen attacking a number of animals in milking sheds, in footage that came to light six months ago.

Warm seas could lead to further whale strandings on New Zealand shores, scientist says

NIWA's summer outlook has predicted average or near average sea surface temperatures.

The pair first met on a rock below the Otago Peninsula.

Good Sorts: Pair of Dunedin wildlife lovers helping endangered native animals

Jordana Whyte and Dr Lisa Argilla first met on a rock below the Otago Peninsula.

Hundreds have fare-welled the birds around the country this weekend as they prepare to leave.

Godwit numbers looking good, but future still bleak

Despite looking surprisingly healthy so far this season, numbers have continued to drop drastically over the last five years.

More than 50 whales dead after another mass stranding

Dozens of the whales beached on the Chatham Islands returned to sea without human help, but many didn't make it.

Mother and baby mauled to death by grizzly bear while spending maternity leave at remote Canadian cabin

The same bear attacked Valerie Theoret's boyfriend, but he was able to shot and kill the animal.

There's a tug-of-war between the goat's owner who denies neglect and rescuer Charmaine Wolmarans.

Tug-of-war between sick goat's owner and rescuer north of Auckland

The owner denies neglecting the goat, which the SPCA has now taken into care from the rescuer's property.

Bats Queesnsland (file picture).

Queensland heatwave decimates bat population

Health authorities have warned residents not to handle distressed flying foxes after a spike in bites and scratches.

The whales were moved from 90 Mile Beach to the east coast, where rescuers say they’ve got a better chance of survival.

A sad ending: Five of six remaining pygmy whales euthanised in Far North

The last remaining pygmy whale from the original pod is being monitored.

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