Queenstown Airport's monthly passenger total soars to new record

More than 200,000 passengers passed through Queenstown Airport in July, a record for a single month.

The airline has made the suggestion amid a British debate over how to crack down on drunk airline passengers.

Airline asks for British airports to limit passengers to two drinks

Ryanair says the number of incidents taking place due to intoxication on their planes is on the rise.

Thick fog blankets Christchurch causing flight cancellations and delays

Check-ins have been suspended until midday due to the conditions.

Two Qantas flights today forced to return to Sydney after technical issues

One flight was headed to South Africa and the other the US.

There have been delays at Auckland Airport

Enhanced security measures to remain in place at Australian airports after foiled terror plot

Travellers are urged to turn up to international and domestic flights earlier than usual.

Video: Pilot hailed as hero after safely landing passenger jet with hail-shattered windscreen

The Ukrainian pilot had zero visibility with a windscreen shattered from golf ball sized hail.

French airport 'condemns' contractor seen punching passenger who was holding baby

Nice Airport management has condemned the incident and asked the worker be suspended.

Watch: Passengers erupt into cheers as rowdy women booted off UK flight

A group of women were removed from a RyanAir flight from Liverpool to Alicante, Spain.

Watch: The moment unruly passenger tasered, escorted off Qantas Brisbane flight

Outside court Luke Taylor blamed his medication for his behaviour on board the flight.

Annette Brons says her ticket was torn up in Bangkok despite having a doctor's certificate that says she was fit to fly.

'I was begging, please let us on the flight' - Rotorua woman refused passage despite getting medical clearance

Qantas refused to allow Annette Brons on to a flight from Bangkok, despite her doctor saying she was healthy.

There have been delays at Auckland Airport

White powder found on plane at Auckland Airport

The Fire Service confirmed they were sent to decontaminate the aircraft.

File Photo: A Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-300 with the registration N808NW takes off from Amsterdam Airport.

Delta Airlines flight returns to Seattle after assault on flight attendant by first class passenger

The flight attendant and one other person were injured and taken to hospital.

Watch: Hilarious South African tourism campaign slams Australia's national icons

The video features a famous South African comedian calling for ex-pats to leave Australia.

AirAsia flight makes emergency landing after birds sucked into engine

"We would like to commend our pilot and crew members for their professionalism and swift action."

New figures reveal up to two travellers each day are subjected to the security procedure at NZ airports.

'Digital strip searches' at NZ airports force hundreds of Kiwis to surrender mobile and laptop passwords each year

Customs officials ask two people every day to hand over their digital passwords, as they reportedly look for smugglers.

The tunnel finally opened to traffic today after five years of construction - but a breakdown led to delays on day one.

Auckland drivers advised to stay away from Waterview Tunnel on its few first days

The $1.4 billion tunnel is the final link in the western ring route.

Qantas jet lands safely in Sydney after oil leak detected in engine

The flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles was abandoned only an hour in.

There have been delays at Auckland Airport

Chinese flight delayed by five hours after woman throws coins into engine 'for luck'

Nearly 150 passengers had to be evacuated as engineers scrambled to clear the engines.

Fog causes flight cancellations and delays at Christchurch Airport

The misty conditions are proving a headache for travellers.

Travel chaos as dozens of flights cancelled and delayed due to fog at Auckland Airport

Approximately 64 domestic flights have have been cancelled with four international flights delayed.

Video: United Airlines employee violently shoves 71-year-old passenger to ground after boarding pass query

Embroiled in controversy once again, the airline is being sued for over $1 million.

'What a pleasure' - former US President Jimmy Carter filmed shaking hands with every passenger on a flight

The 92-year-old can be seen walking down the aisle smiling and talking to the elated passengers.

An unexpected extension on a Bali holiday cost a group of lads a small fortune.

Group stranded in Bali due to plane problems but their insurance company didn't cover them

The bunch on Kiwi lads initially ended up around $700 each out of pocket.

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