The flight from Perth to Bali had to turn back and passengers onboard feared for their lives after breathing masks fell from the ceiling.

Video: 'I thought I was going to die' – AirAsia flight rapidly drops 20,000 feet after cabin loses pressure

Passengers tested loved ones saying goodbye and hugged each other as the plane rapidly turned around and went back to Perth.

The man has been arrested and charged after authorities sent an undercover agent to suppress theft at Phuket International Airport.

Watch: Thai baggage handler caught rifling through Jetstar passengers' suitcases

The flight on October 10 was bound for Singapore and the man had taken a bluetooth speaker from a suitcase.

Raw video: Huge queues and flight delays for passengers at Auckland Airport after security machine glitch

An interruption in the power source led to passengers needing to be re-screened.

Emirates slashes New Zealand-Australia services

Emirates' trans-Tasman routes from Auckland to Melbourne and Brisbane will cease from March.

The airline's profit is up 40 per cent as it benefits from increased tourist numbers.

Air New Zealand reveals it's started offering Wi-Fi on one long haul flight ahead of major roll-out

They're hoping to offer it across their entire international fleet in the coming months.

Bad weather ruins a couple's dream holiday and, despite being fully insured, they are left thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Kiwi couple left out of pocket when travel insurance company refuses to pay out over 'foreseeable weather event'

Cromwell resident Leigh Buttars had a travel claim turned down despite the weather event that caused her problems never being forecast.

Watch: 'Don't touch me!' Police manhandle woman on US flight as passengers look on

After saying she was severely allergic to animals — there were two dogs on board — woman refuses crew's request to leave plane.

The main link between the Manawatu and Hawke's Bay has been closed since April.

More than a dozen options considered for slip-hit Manawatu Gorge

The important road has been closed due to numerous slips.

Graphic of fuel pipeline from Marsden Point in Northland to Wiri in Auckland.

First batch of jet fuel expected at Auckland Airport tonight

The first two million litre batch of jet fuel is expected to arrive later today.

The race to fix the pipeline is on and it's been confirmed a digger caused the damage.

Jet fuel starts to arrive in Auckland from Marsden Point

It's expected the fuel will reach Auckland Airport by Tuesday.

Wellington's Te Papa ranked one of top 25 museums in the world

Te Papa was ranked the 19th best museum globally by users of travel website TripAdvisor.

The supply to Auckland Airport has been cut and airlines have been told to find somewhere else to fill up their planes.

Pipeline leak latest: Jet fuel set to flow to Auckland from Sunday

Refining NZ says it remains on track to have jet fuel flowing from the Marsden Point refinery to Wiri.

The leak at the Marsden Point Oil Refinery continues to cause problems at Auckland Airport.

Refinery boss says 'NZ doesn't need to be embarrassed' about damaged pipeline

Thousands of travellers have had their plans disrupted after the 170km pipeline started leaking.

The supply to Auckland Airport has been cut and airlines have been told to find somewhere else to fill up their planes.

Fuel pipeline damage: Govt was warned of vulnerability five years ago

Multiple flights have been disrupted after the jet fuel pipeline from Marsden Point to Auckland failed.

A hologram system will be trialled at Auckland Airport to warn incoming travellers of biosecurity risks

Hologram technology to greet NZ visitors at airports

The focus will be on fruit in luggage.

Video: 'Mortal drunk' woman creates mayhem onboard Ryanair England to Spain flight

The woman has been banned from travelling on the airline after a fight broke out.

Air NZ crews stranded in Houston mucking in to help local hotel

Hurricane Harvey has caused the crews to be stuck in Houston due to widespread flooding.

It's still not clear who will pay for it and for new infrastructure in the town.

Hot tourist destination Queenstown has plans for major airport expansion

It's still not clear who will pay for it and for new infrastructure in the town.

Watch: Passenger flies into a blind rage forcing plane to make emergency landing

The Aeromexico flight bound for San Francisco was forced to divert to Guadalajara.

Watch: Robot called Chip helps Air NZ passengers check-in at Sydney Airport

Air NZ and Commonwealth Bank have partnered in the robot experiment this week.

Richie McCaw stars in Christchurch Helicopters safety video inspired by Air New Zealand's psychedelic effort

There's no giant pavlova but Christchurch Helicopter's safety video is more practical.

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