Millie Elder-Holmes tried to pull Connor Morris from fatal fight and was stopped, court told

When Millie Elder Holmes went to intervene she was told "they will attack you", the trial has heard.

Mum let man violate daughter, 9, for cash

An Auckland mother has admitted letting a neighbour sexually violate her nine-year-old daughter in exchange for money.

Man dies after police raid on his Te Puke home

Police have launched an investigation into his death, which they 're calling an "apparent medical event".

Parents and child killed in South Canterbury restaurant fire named.

Restaurant blaze tragedy: Parents, child die in fire

'NRL need to take a lot harder look': Willie Mason on player concussions

Sixteen year veteran spoke out about what he sees as inadequate safety measures in the NRL.


Nearly 1500 photos make up this one minute timelapse video. Prepare to be impressed by the beauty of our night sky.

Breathtaking timelapse shows the wonders of New Zealand's night sky


Video: Police officer filmed handcuffing disabled children

Parents of the children have filed a lawsuit against the officer.

AWOL athletes a concern for Special Olympics organisers

The third athlete in a week goes missing in Los Angeles prompting fears for their safety.


Giant sinkhole opens up on busy New York corner

Video show a huge crater sprawling across two lanes and stretching into an intersection.

57,800 - that figure should shock anyone. It is the number of family violence incidents reported in NZ this year alone.

'There is no silver bullet' - review of domestic violence laws launched


Get ready to laugh – Jimmy Fallon mocks Donald Trump better than anyone else

Fallon just gets better and better. His latest swipe is at Trump and is brilliant.

We are deeply conscious of how hard this will hit all those involved in this terrible fire - Paul McGill

Restaurant blaze tragedy: Parents, child die in fire

Did China just rip off Frozen's Let It Go?

China's Winter Olympic song sounds suspiciously close to the Disney song.

Fire crews investigate smoke at Fonterra plant

Fire crews were called to the Taranaki plant after smoke was spotted.


Does your office space look more like your wardrobe?

Workplace etiquette is bugging Brodie this week.

'There is no silver bullet' - review of domestic violence laws launched

New Zealand has the highest reported rate of intimate partner violence in the developed world.


Cristiano Ronaldo disguises himself as homeless man - and then makes boy's day

It was all part of a promotional stunt - but one young boy in Madrid probably won't care.


Kelly Osbourne makes tearful apology after racist Latino toilet cleaner gaffe

The reality TV star made a ham-fisted attempt to attack US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump.


Breathtaking timelapse shows the wonders of New Zealand's night sky

Mark Gee took over 1400 photos to create his spectacular timelapse.


Restaurant blaze tragedy: Parents, child die in fire

A South Canterbury town has been left in shock after a fatal blaze at the restaurant.


"The messages are very disturbing and are what have got police very worried."

'We don't know where they are' - police still hunting for missing teen despite car clue

Four rescued from apartment fire in South Auckland

The fire started in the upper floor of the two-storey apartment in Bairds Rd, Otara.

Home intruder sexually assaults 71-year-old

"This brazen attack was very distressing for the victim," police say.


Crowd Perspective: Ronda Rousey's knockout makes Rio fans go nuts

Ronda Rousey is the biggest female sporting star on the planet and this KO shows why.


Konrad Hurrell's birthday soured by selector's axe

Dropped for the Dragons clash, at least Konrad had the joy of being awoken today by his singing mum.

Two parents and a child died in this morning's South Canterbury blaze, with three children escaping out of a window.

Restaurant blaze tragedy: Parents, child die in fire


Skinny Kiwi model woofs down 1kg hash brown burger to crush table of big eaters

Nela Zisser was up against it in the 1kg Pronto burger challenge at Mount Maunganui.

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