There was still some hope that maybe the hijack stories are true - Sara Weeks

Possible discovery of MH370 'takes the hope away' for sister of Kiwi passenger

Buildings sway, evacuations ordered, after rare 5.3 Queensland earthquake

Southeast Queensland was rocked today by a magnitude-5.3 earthquake.

Large rock on highway may have caused Karangahake Gorge crash

“It appears the man driving the Commodore may not have seen the boulder, "Inspector Freda Grace says.

Taranaki fishing trip ends in tragedy

Police are saying this is a stark reminder of the important of wearing life jackets.

Record 15 new names join New Zealand's rich list worth more than $55 billion

Former Team NZ skipper Sir Russell Coutts is one of the big movers, while the country's richest man added $2 billion to his wealth.


Possible discovery of MH370 'takes the hope away' for sister of Kiwi passenger

Sara Weeks says she woke up to the news and experienced a "bit of a sinking feeling".

Police seize over a kilo of methamphetamine

A sawn-off shotgun and cash were also seized in the Napier Warehouse carpark bust.


Bride tells trolls to 'lighten up' at toddler being dropped at her wedding

A much anticipated bouquet toss at this Wairarapa wedding had unintended consequences.

Sir John Todd, one of NZ's richest men, dies aged 88

Sir John's business empire is worth about $3 billion.


French football great Zinedine Zidane scores brilliant rugby try

The World Cup winner showed some deft footwork as he scored a try against Toulon in a charity match.


Boy becomes world’s youngest recipient of a double hand transplant

Zion Harvey’s operation is a medical breakthrough and a huge step forward in transplants.


Canterbury police launch investigation into racial abuse of rugby player

"I urge anyone responsible to show some moral courage," said the officer hunting those who abused Sake Aca.

Raids on Head Hunters: One of the accused can now be named

One of the men arrested following the raids has appeared in court.

Boost for travellers with new Jetstar Wellington to Dunedin route

The airline says the new service will add 56,000 seats to Wellington's domestic market.


Mega rich set sail for NZ - superyacht visits hit highest number since 2000 America's Cup

Making it easier for yachts to visit New Zealand has paid off, the government says.


Frosty start to the day for Christchurch gorilla troop at $6m pad

Ranging in age from six to 12 years, the gorillas were “quietly” brought into the country in mid-June.


Dentist rarely discussed passion for hunting with patients

Walter Palmer remains in hiding but told patients: "I respect that not everyone shares the same views on hunting."

Thames schoolgirl knees attacker in groin after indecent assault

The victim fought him off by kneeing him in the genitals and then raised the alarm.

'God Defend New Zealand has meaning' - gold medal winning rower wades into anthem debate

Joseph Sullivan says the anthem is "entrenched in each New Zealander".

Students sue Rolling Stone over false campus rape story

A lawyer for the men said they suffered "vicious and hurtful attacks" because of the inaccuracies in the article.


Motorist shot dead by cop after traffic stop

A US policeman who pulled over a man missing front license plate and shot him dead has been indicted on murder charges.


'She will carry this for the rest of her life': Readers feel for mother of Blessie's killer

"Let's not kick a lady when she's down," wrote one Facebook reader.


Kiwi umpire Chris Gaffaney's sharp eye sends David Warner packing

World Cup villain David Warner takes on Chris Gaffaney and comes off second best.

Facebook users 'more engaged than ever before' as mobile numbers soar

The social media mega "has proven its ability to attract and retain users".

We have a strong role to play in making sure our children keep safe - Auckland Primary Principals' Association head

Corrections made 'huge blunder' in housing Blessie's killer so close to schools


Panda triplets cuter than ever on first birthday

The world's only surviving giant panda triplets are now aged one and very cute.

Search for MH370: Airplane debris is consistent in appearance with part of Boeing 777 wing, CNN reports

Possible discovery of MH370 'takes the hope away' for sister of Kiwi passenger

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