Beijing selected to host 2022 Winter Olympics

Defeating Almaty, Kazakhstan, despite a lack of natural snow in the Chinese capital.


Mike’s view: Special day for my beloved Warriors after a hell of a week

Mike Hosking pays tribute to Sir Peter Leitch on the eve of the Warriors’ Mad Butcher appreciation day.


Toni’s view: Arming police with tasers is a step in the right direction

We should be able to rely on police to help when someone is in serious trouble.


All Black winger spills the beans on the boys

Cory Jane talks to Matt Chisholm about his tell all book, and the idea of facing up to his team mates after it comes out.

Elderly woman dies in head-on Queenstown crash

The driver of the second car was taken to hospital with moderate injuries.


Khloe Kardashian says she still calls Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce

"We are allowed to call her any name we want to".


Antony de Malmanche will not appeal 15-year sentence

The Whanganui man will not appeal the lengthy sentence for smuggling 1.7kg of methamphetamine into Indonesia.


Critics fear tasers may become the go-to option

"There is a risk that there will be a use of the taser as the first response."

Susan Wood returning to NZ screens after serious head injury

The TVNZ broadcaster will make her first TV appearance since dangerous fall.


The breakthrough app allowing you to rent your car by the hour while at work

Drivers find a car near them using the app’s GPS technology.

Tauranga Port extends its reach into the South Island

Lyttelton says Tauranga's move south is just more healthy competition.

We need to understand if there was more that we could have done - Paula Attrill, Child, Youth and Family

Dairy owner's 14-year-old killer jailed for six years


NZ rocket company blasts into the big time

The deal gives Rocket Lab more launch flexibility.

Hunt on after third attempted child abduction

A girl was targeted in the latest frightening incident.


Philae probe finds evidence that comets can be cosmic labs

"Comets are good places to find the building blocks of molecules which later on could be used for life."

Aussie surfer seriously injured in shark attack

The latest attack left a man in a serious condition.


'We are talking about human beings not insects' - David Cameron slammed over comments

"You have a swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean, because Britain has got jobs," David Cameron said.


Exclusive: 'Stupid coconuts' - Warriors players racially abused during match

Allegations Warriors were racially abused during NSW Cup match in Wollongong.

Children break out of Palmerston North daycare

An investigation is underway into the escape of two children from a Palmerston North daycare.

Man critically injured in tractor accident

St John staff said the man may have been run over by his tractor.

Financial watchdog sues investment trader

The FMA's suing a former trader at Milford Asset Management Ltd over what it says amounted to market manipulation.

Protesters fail to stop Arctic-bound ship leaving Oregon

Protesters in kayaks tried to block the ship but authorities cleared a narrow pathway.

Colin Craig sends 'Dirty Politics brigade' legal advice

Colin Craig has begun legal proceedings against three people who he accuses of defaming him.

Fonterra fined for polluting Rangitaiki River

The river is "the food basket for iwi" and culturally significant, the council says.

Kurt Cobain's family wants death-scene photos that could 'prove murder' kept sealed

In 1995, Courtney Love got court permission to keep Cobain's suicide note out of the public eye.


Junior boxer has more than a fighter's chance at world title

Junior Acero will travel to Russia for the boxing Junior World Championships later this year.


'He's my son but also Cambodia's' - Angelina Jolie visits with Maddox

The actress and her adopted son return to the place that changed their lives.

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