Two killed in France's violent storms

The storms brought travel chaos and tens of thousands of homes were left without electricity.


Jarryd Hayne's mum is a legend: 'I wanna put his pants and helmet on'

The former league star is just days away from hearing his NFL fate.


"NZ milk prices are relatively low compared to the rest of the world".

'Buyers taking advantage of historically low prices'- dairy prices up second auction in a row


Even those with legitimate train tickets are being held back by police.

Refugee crisis: Tensions grow as Hungary closes train station

Brooke Fraser severs nerve in avocado accident

Kiwi songstress Brooke Fraser ended up in hospital undergoing surgery after an attempt to de-stone an avocado went badly.

Car slides off cliff near Thames

One person has been injured following a crash on SH25 near Thames.

Bono sells Facebook shares for $2 billion

The frontman invested in the social networking site in 2009.

Pope allows church to forgive abortions for a year

Pope Francis has declared he is allowing all priests in the church's upcoming Year of Mercy to absolve women of the "sin of abortion".

'Supergiant' gas field discovered in Egypt

The find could see Egypt become self-sufficient by 2020.

Hamilton police officer assaulted while making an arrest

The officer was attacked by two men while making an arrest.

Refugee crisis: Tensions grow as Hungary closes train station

Hungary officials say the closure is simply to restore order.


Mixed reaction from the streets about the top four flags

Seven Sharp hit the streets to source public opinion on the top four flags.


Can you pick the winner for every World Cup game?

The TAB has asked rugby punters to pick the winner and margin for all 48 matches to win $1 million.

From the other side of the flag pole: Those four designs from all angles

With more than 10,000 entries, are those four designs unveiled the best we, and $26 million could come up with?


Winning flag designer talks about the final four

Kyle Lockwood designed two of the final four potential new New Zealand flags chosen by the flag committee

Australian football players boycott commercial appearances as pay disputes continue

The dispute has impinged on Australia's preparation for their World Cup qualifier.


Jetstar ‘seems like it’s got its act together’

Toni believes Jetstar’s launch of four new regional routes come December is a second chance for the airline


Main Bangkok bombing suspect arrested

Thai police have arrested the a man they believe is the main suspect in the bombing at a shrine two weeks ago.

Air New Zealand and Air China join forces

Travellers are the likely winners as a result of the new partnership.


Flag debate: Two flags stand out from the final four

Mike believes there are only two real contenders in the final four New Zealand flag designs


TAB offering huge prize for picking winners of all RWC games

$1million is up for grabs by the TAB for picking the winner of each RWC game, sparking some north versus south rivalry


'This can't be drawn by a kid. To me that's essential' - Kiwis weigh into flag debate

It’s now down to New Zealanders to decide which flag they want to go head-to-head against the current flag.


New Zealander's encouraged to keep a close eye on their Kiwisaver funds

Most of those enrolled are unaware how much money they've saved.


Kiwis give their thoughts on the four flag designs

The final four designs in the running to be New Zealand’s flag were unveiled today


Eight deaths in two months sparks calls to households to check their fire alarms

The fire service says just checking and changing the batteries is not enough.


New irrigation scheme set to save Canterbury farmers from drought

17km of canals and 130km of pipework will connect Canterbury farmers to much needed water.

New Zealand's new bank notes - the currency will be introduced in late 2015.

'Dad looks as handsome as ever' - Sir Ed's son delighted with new banknotes

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