When we look at social media marketing for gambling we see a huge amount of tactics that we k... - Professor Sarah Thomas

Teens' growing penchant for online betting is distorting way they view sport

Swimmers flee after five sharks spotted off Kapiti Coast

"People should stay away out of the sea at this time".

Singing 'Happy Birthday' cannot be fined by Warner/Chappel if it is done at a 'private gathering'.

Happy Birthday song to become copyright free after $14 million lawsuit

Warner/Chappel's settlement means the song would officially be accepted as part of the 'public domain'.

UCLA gymnast DeJesus nailed her tumbling manoeuvres and added her own bit of flavour to an exciting gymnastics floor routine.

Crowd goes nuts after American gymnast's amazing hip hop floor routine

Ever wondered what it would be like if Parris Goebel did a gymnastics routine?

Bay of Plenty manhunt accused denies all charges

Dean Whakatau, who led police on a chase through the eastern BOP has denied charges.

Opinion: A Sanders level of radical thinking needed on our tertiary system

"We are looking at major problems for our young people down the track."

At least 39 people died and more than 100 remain missing after an apartment complex collapsed.

Three arrested over building negligence after deadly Taiwan earthquake

The death toll in the quake stands at 41 with more than 100 believed to be still trapped in the debris.

A man believed to be of Indian descent saved Caroliah Vaigafa from drowning at Auckland's Mission Bay.

'God's blessed our family through him': Parents desperate to find hero who saved drowning Auckland girl

"If it wasn't for him we wouldn't be sitting next to our daughter," dad Sio told ONE News.

The ONE News team brings you the latest weather update.

Upcoming weather looking good for those with outdoor plans

The ONE News team brings you the latest weather update.

Two kayakers became stuck in waist deep mud in Whenuapai.

Mud-stuck kayakers winched to safety in West Auckland

The kayakers found themselves waist deep in mud after kayaking in Whenuapai.

Professor Samantha Thomas says betting companies have had a huge impact in Australia, and it’s only a matter of time for NZ.

Teens' growing penchant for online betting is distorting way they view sport

"It's exactly what happened with tobacco and sponsorship."

In 1990 the cyclone struck the Pacific Island nation causing $200 million worth of damage.

Cyclones brewing in Pacific - how will they affect New Zealand?

Systems are developing near the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

Too many pills pushing NZ's elderly into care prematurely

"Every so often you’ve got to think is this the right mix of medications?"

Detective Inspector John Sutton says the police have received 64 phone calls relating to this case.

'We have been overwhelmed' - Tracey Patient's family reassured by response

Police have had about 165 calls since reopening the 40-year-old murder cold case.

Australia's Usman Khawaja caught giving debutant Adam Zampa the finger during anthem

'It was consensual!' Khawaja explains giving new man Adam Zampa bum rub during anthem

Debutant Adam Zampa and Khawaja filmed in moment of unique team bonding.

Duane Major and Adam Gardner aren't happy with Morgan's wish to have part of the beach for personal use.

Gareth Morgan labelled 'selfish' as Kiwi donors threaten to pull funding if he gets involved

Morgan has offered to make up any shortfall, but his offer comes with a catch.

Anaya and Myla have differing genetics provided by their parents despite sharing nearly everything else.

Mum to black and white twins bombarded by inquisitive strangers

The one-in-a-million chance saw Myla take after their dad's complexion, while Anaya has mum's skin tone.

Teen female killer jailed at 15 gets parole

One of three teens jailed for the 1999 murder of an Auckland man is to be released after spending more than half her life behind bars.

Kiwi golfing champ says New Zealand's Olympic campaign is her main priority in 2016.

Kiwi golfing champ says New Zealand's Olympic campaign is her main priority in 2016.

Lydia Ko makes more history with Lonsdale Cup honour

Davender Singh was sitting in his car when he was killed by Amandeep Kaur and a colleague.

'He never speaks' - son won't forgive mother for murdering dad with lover

Davender Singh had his throat slashed in an Auckland suburb.

Irony is bliss. The Aussie wicketkeeper was far from happy with the send-off Mitchell Marsh was given.

Australian quickie takes swipe at Kiwis, labels them bad sports, two days before Test

It seems the Aussies just can't let it go. One of their nasty fasties decided to have another crack today.

In 1992 TVNZ's first episode of Tonight airs, presented by Anita McNaught with Barr reading the weather.

Back in the Day: Penelope Barr's weather blooper – 'nice and funny skies'

In 1992 TVNZ's first episode of Tonight airs, with Barr reading the weather.

Every panda needs a doting mum like this one.

Mamma panda tries to show adorable cub how to climb tree

Every panda needs a doting mum like this one.

The Ministry of Education's office building on Bowen St in Wellington.

Ministry of Education defends $19.5m refit of Wellington offices

The Ministry of Education says the redesign will actually save $27m over the 15-year lease.

Englishman who staged crash to kill Kiwi wife loses review appeal

Malcolm Webster killed his wife in a fake car crash to claim insurance money and attempted to kill his second the same way.

Auckland motorists faced queues several kilometres long this morning after two lanes had to be closed due to a breakdown.

Auckland traffic gridlock was caused by Harbour Bridge breakdown

At one point, the traffic queue stretched for several kilometres.

The plane was trying to land during Storm Imogen at London City Airport.

Video: Rag-dolled airliner in spectacular last-ditch aborted landing in atrocious London storm

Swaying uncontrollably side-to-side as his wheels kissed the runway, this airline pilot made a huge last second call.

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