Kurt Cobain's family wants death-scene photos that could 'prove murder' kept sealed

In 1995, Courtney Love got court permission to keep Cobain's suicide note out of the public eye.


Junior boxer has more than a fighter's chance at world title

Junior Acero will travel to Russia for the boxing Junior World Championships later this year.

Joseph Parker closing in on securing Samoan bout

Kiwi heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker is close to securing a fight in Samoa next year.


'He's my son but also Cambodia's' - Angelina Jolie visits with Maddox

The actress and her adopted son return to the place that changed their lives.

Has Lexus made the first ever Hoverboard?

Lexus International has released a teaser trailer for their Hoverboard.

Aussie accused of murdering Kiwi woman to be released from prison

Gable Tostee has served a 10-month sentence after a high-speed police pursuit.

Labour MP sorry for plagiarising

Labour's IT spokeswoman has apologised for using material from The Economist in a research paper.


'Extradite him!' Thousands tell John Kerry to send Cecil's killer to Zimbabwe

More than 150,000 people are urging the extradition of Walter Palmer to face authorities.

Ryan Fox off to another flyer in Europe

New Zealand golfer Ryan Fox has continued his hot form in Europe at the Madeira Islands Open.


Video: Parents smash their way into daycare centre to rescue baby

How far will two desperate parents go to rescue their baby locked inside a daycare centre?


Timber! Tree knocked over by Paddon’s Hyundai team-mate’s car

On the WRC’s quickest course, the crash caused a massive tree to fall over.

Taser on the hip a 'reality of modern policing'

Around 5500 officers are currently trained in the use of tasers.

Man denies murdering toddler Ihaka Stokes

The man accused of murdering Ihaka Stokes has pleaded not guilty this morning.

All frontline cops to carry tasers

"This is by far the most effective and safe tool in dealing with particular incidents," Police Commissioner Mike Bush says.


‘Stuff we never dreamed of doing’ – terminally ill Kiwi gushes over dream Tahiti holiday

Ken and his wife "can't believe how lucky" they are to have been whisked away to the island.


Dairy owner's 14-year-old killer jailed for six years

The youth was found guilty of manslaughter at trial.

All Black jersey-wearing kid snapped brandishing assault rifle in Kiwi cop-shop

The photo of the boy and girl was taken by a visiting British police officer.


'It feels good to be moving forward': Paralysed wakeboarder shows remarkable progress

Brad Smeele was paralysed after attempting a triple somersault.


Chinese shoppers find inventive ways to ride escalators following horror death

Different techniques are being used when shoppers reach the escalator footplate.


Queensland league great Billy Moore is feeling the heat today - this comment about the Warriors is why.

'We are proud of our Polynesian heritage' - Warriors disappointed with Billy Moore's comments


'Walk a mile in our shoes': Mum of Kiwi missing on MH370 hits back at online abuse

Paul Weeks' mum slams ONE News commenters for insensitive remarks.


'Stuff we never dreamed of doing' - terminally ill Kiwi takes us on his Tahiti trip

Ken, who has a terminal illness, and Keely won the holiday live on Breakfast. This is what happened next.

'Out of a biplane and into a spaceship' - former Top Gear hosts get new show

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond left amid scandal over an off-set dustup.


‘The suitcase must be treated with same degree of scepticism’ - Richard Quest on MH370

Aviation expert, and CNN host, Richard Quest with his take on the MH370 search.


'If it points to a Boeing 777, it has to have come from MH370' - Kiwi aviation expert

The plane is suspected to have been deliberately flown into the Indian Ocean.


Super-cute white lion cubs take their first steps at safari park

Born just 13 days ago, the little bundles of fur spend much of their time eating and sleeping.

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