Tunisian democracy group wins Nobel Peace Prize

The prize is a huge victory for small Tunisia, whose young and still shaky democracy suffered two extremist attacks this year.

No one alive, one missing on fishing boat floating off east coast of China

Violence in China's vast fishing industry is not uncommon, usually sparked by disputes over money.

Inmates die in fire at Philippine maximum-security prison

The blaze may have been caused by faulty wiring in the building that was built after a fire in 2013.

Malcolm Turnbull admits he uses private email account

Mr Turnbull said he reached many people via a non-government account which he's used for years.


Brad Weber beats Hawke's Bay on his own

A stunning second half hat trick has almost single-handedly won Waikato the Ranfurly Shield.


Waikato cut it fine to win Ranfurly Shield

Three minutes into extra time and Waikato finally saw off a desperate Hawke's Bay salvage.


Waikato win Ranfurly Shield, see off desperate comeback

The cowbells were ringing in Napier as Waikato hung on to pinch the Ranfurly Shield.

Studies say a third of young men in China to die from smoking

Smoking rates have dropped significantly among men in developed countries but more young Chinese men have taken it up.

Woman dies after fall from horse in Levin

Despite the efforts of emergency services, a 39-year-old woman from Levin died at the scene.


That fence: ‘Why would you want war with your neighbours?’

Peter and Sylvia Aitchison are tied up in the Environment Court trying to reclaim their million-dollar view.


Waikato young guns bust out early in Ranfurly challenge

In only the fourth minute, Damian McKenzie put on step and set up this half field beauty, combining with second-five Anton Leinert-Brown.


Keen for a game of frozen chook? Latest online fad involves getting naked and posing like a chicken

Remember planking? Well the successor may just have been found by a group of New Zealand friends - they're calling it the "Frozen Chook".


Booming building industry desperate for more apprentices

It's estimated New Zealand will need more than 18,000 extra carpenters in the next five years.


Hawke's Bay halfback celebrates his 100th game with his daughter

Two years after the tragedy that claimed her mother, Chris Eaton's daughter got the thrill of walking her dad out to commemorate his 100th game for Hawke's Bay.

Baby dies from meningococcal disease despite efforts of hospital staff

"Tragically, despite the best attempts by hospital staff to save her life, the baby died," Dr Mills says.


Are cellphones making us become spectators of our lives?

A photo from the movie Black Mass has gone viral, can you see why?


Robbie Williams heard NZ went off him after he broke up with Rachel Hunter

The UK popstar said he felt like Elvis when he came to NZ in 2003, and then the public seemed to go sour on him.


Exhausted firefighter ‘absolutely rooted’ but ready for busy season

Firefighters are bracing themselves for what could be the worst seasons in a decade with the warm and windy El Nino weather setting in.


More than 200 kiwifruit growers claiming $334m after vine disease

A legal expert says he thinks the growers have a very strong case against the Government.


Spate of young Maori suicides prompts show of strength from Northland town

Iwi leaders say some young people see suicide as an act of bravery and glorify it as a cool way to go.


'Is he OK, is he still talking?' 2014 champ Chaz Mostert suffers horrific Bathurst crash

Last year's Bathurst winner Chaz Mostert has crashed out during qualifying.


Christchurch Airport's Spitfire gets a new home

The World War II spitfire which has adorned the entrance to Christchurch Airport for more than 50 years has a new home.


'If you don't like Australia, get out' - Sydney mosque leader tells worshippers

The chairman of the Parramatta mosque, where a teenager prayed before shooting dead a police employee, says Muslims who reject Australian values should "get out".

Latest powerful synthetic drug 'N-Bomb' lands five in Christchurch Hospital

The 'N-Bomb' has been associated with deaths in Australia and Asia.


Live stream: ONE News at Six

The ONE News at Six bulletin, live streamed 7 days a week.


Body found by member of public in Hamilton

The death is unexplained and police have cordoned a house on Lake Crescent.


Seal pup born on Timaru beach found dead

"It’s very disappointing as it was such a unique thing for the pup to be born on the Mainland" - DOC


'Tarp kid' getting swallowed up by field cover goes viral

Watch this Royals ground crew member narrowly avoid getting swallowed up by the tarp after it started raining in Kansas City.


CCTV snaps teens tormenting South Auckland shopkeeper before nicking box of L&P

"Here is a man going about his business when he was taunted, verbally abused and intimated by a large group of young people."


Terrifying bridge collapse caused by 'highly unusual manufacturing defect' in chain

Shocking video has emerged of the moment a group of French tourists plunged into the river below.

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