Stormy night for the upper North Island, south braced for snow

Heavy rain in Auckland overnight is set to coincide with a near king tide, raising the risk of flooding.


Give me some skin: Publicly funded surgery for a formerly fat man

Hamilton man Wiremu Bayliss, 40, used to weigh a whopping 275kgs and now is left with heaps of excess skin.


Mike’s view on domestic violence: Stop talking and fix it

The problem in part is the inability or unwillingness of government departments to talk to each other for fear of breaching someone’s privacy.


Toni’s view: Plonking a lump sum in front of a struggling student is tempting fate

Students are poor so why not have a voucher system for books and materials to make the most of their course-related costs?


Trophy hunting: Gross to most of us but does the hate storm make an impact?

Mike Hosking speaks to Daryl Crimp, the editor of the Fishing Paper and Hunting News.


A heroic ANZAC’s last words to his family

This weekend marks 100 years since Commander William Malone and over 600 other Kiwis lost their lives at Chunuk Bair in Gallipoli.

$1m of Hong Kong meth bound for Wellington intercepted by authorities

A Chinese man has been arrested after customs found 1kg of methamphetamine hidden in a parcel.


Police may gain power to warn of a partner's violent history

The Government proposes a new pathway for people who don't want to go to court over domestic violence.


Celebrations as Cook Islands mark 50 years of self-government

It's a proud day in the Cooks where the partying is continuing into the night.


Dairy farmers dread Fonterra's payout news after another kick in the guts

Some farmers say they could be looking for another job after the latest slide in the global dairy auction.


Students fight back: We need extra grand for living expenses not strippers and booze

University students are fighting back after reports they spend their loan money on strippers not books.


Murray McCully under pressure to resign over Saudi sheep deal

Official documents have been released concerning the taxpayer-funded Saudi sheep export deal.


Man was 'screaming racial slurs' on Melbourne train

Ange Lawther was shocked no-one else got involved when the man abused other passengers.


Cop offers comfort as bodies removed from Waimate blaze tragedy

A South Canterbury town has been left in shock after a fatal blaze at the restaurant.

Death threats targeted at Otago gamekeeper for planning to host American 'huntress'

Anti-hunting protesters are lashing out against American Sabrina Corgatelli.


Nehe Milner-Skudder 'getting closer' to All Blacks debut - Foster

Only rookie not yet used by All Blacks coaches has overcome rib injury to enter selection frame for Wallabies clash in Sydney.


Science fiction becomes reality – Lexus creates a hoverboard

Pushing the boundaries of innovation and design Lexus has released a video showing a magnetic and liquid nitrogen powered hoverboard.


Hilarious! BBC presenter caught brushing hair on live TV

BBC presenter Caroline Walker was unaware the cameras were rolling as she casually combed her hair before the 'start' of her show.


Kiwi NFL recruit praised by Cardinals star Larry Fitzgerald after touchdown

Former Church College student catches the attention of a few NFL stars.


Harbour Bridge taxi surfer to embark on career as stuntman

Johnny “Danger” Bennett was filmed riding on the roof of a taxi as it drove across the Auckland Harbour Bridge.


Witness in Connor Morris murder trial tells court, ‘I grabbed Millie and told her not to get hurt’

Millie Elder-Holmes tried to get Connor Morris out of fatal fight, court told

Nicole Bremner

ONE News Reporter

Victim's brother: “I lost my family … my brother, my sister in-law."

Cop offers comfort as bodies removed from Waimate blaze tragedy

Body discovered in Auckland apartment blaze

Firefighters continue to search the smokey building.

Police say LA Tukerangi and Dean Whakatau were seen in this Toyota Corolla on Sunday evening in Rotorua.

'We don't know where they are' - police still hunting for missing teen despite car clue


Millie Elder-Holmes tried to get Connor Morris out of fatal fight, court told

When Millie Elder Holmes went to intervene she was told "they will attack you", the trial has heard.

Mum let man violate daughter, 9, for cash

An Auckland mother has admitted letting a neighbour sexually violate her nine-year-old daughter in exchange for money.

Man dies after police raid on his Te Puke home

Police have launched an investigation into his death, which they 're calling an "apparent medical event".

Parents and child killed in South Canterbury restaurant fire named.

Cop offers comfort as bodies removed from Waimate blaze tragedy

'NRL need to take a lot harder look': Willie Mason on player concussions

Sixteen year veteran spoke out about what he sees as inadequate safety measures in the NRL.


Nearly 1500 photos make up this one minute timelapse video. Prepare to be impressed by the beauty of our night sky.

Breathtaking timelapse shows the wonders of New Zealand's night sky

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