Mountaineer Roger Shepherd is giving foreigners access to rarely seen parts of North Korea with expeditions around a volcano straddling the border with China.

Kiwi mountaineer leads historic tourism venture in North Korea - 'A good way for these guys to see the real people of this country'

Roger Shepherd is taking the first group of foreigners to Mount Paektu, a large volcano near the border with China.

1 NEWS spoke to a number of residents as they surveyed the damage caused by the freak weather event.

'It was shocking!' Tornado rips through New Plymouth, damaging 30 properties

A second twister also struck Ohope in the eastern Bay of Plenty.

A cancer patient Fair Go talked to would be happy to be able to grow just one plant in his new kitset greenhouse.

Going into bat for a medicinal cannabis user fighting for a Fair Go

A cancer patient would be happy to be able to grow just one plant in his new kitset greenhouse.

The OKC Thunder NBA star said his "fingers are nervous as" when asked to play the guitar.

Watch: Steven Adams shows musical talent with guitar during Wellington jam session - 'My fingers are nervous as'

The OKC Thunder NBA star said his "fingers are nervous as" when asked to play the guitar.


Watch: Hilary Barry goes head-to-head with The Governess from The Chase in game of Trivial Pursuit

Anne Hegerty is visiting New Zealand and found some time for a quiz battle with the Seven Sharp host.

In New Plymouth, 11 homes lost their roofs and 20 houses were assessed for minor damage.

Residents cleaning up after tornadoes hit two North Island areas yesterday

At least a dozen properties were damaged in Ohope and New Plymouth after the twisters hit shortly before 6pm.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced the National Energy Guarantee would focus on reducing power bills.

Peter Dutton 'fully supportive' of under-fire Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull

There have been grumbles about the Liberals' direction under Mr Turnbull.

Breakfast’s Matty McLean delivers the latest forecast, and for many, it’s not looking that flash.

Thunderstorms and hail possible this morning in parts of Auckland, Wellington and upper South Island, MetService says

Storms with winds gusting up to 100km/h are expected in Taranaki, where a tornado struck yesterday.

The military are still fighting to free a further 21 hostages.

Afghan forces rescue nearly 150 hostages from Taliban fighters

The 149 people, including women and children, were taken from a convoy of buses.

The NBA star spoke with 1 NEWS about his upcoming season with the Thunder.

'Thanks bro' - Steven Adams ecstatic with NBA star Paul George sticking with OKC Thunder

The NBA star spoke with 1 NEWS' Jenny-May Clarkson about his upcoming season with the Thunder.

The deer was found on the Oxford property, dead, with all its meat taken.

Pet deer shot, meat removed from carcass in North Canterbury

Police at Oxford are investigating the incident.

injecting injection vaccine vaccination medicine flu man doctor insulin health drug influenza concept - stock image

Vaccine skepticism is contributing to a measles resurgence in Europe

More than 41,000 measles cases were reported in the region during the first half of the year - more than in all 12-month periods so far this decade

The Government announced the freeze yesterday, with no increase in salaries and allowances for a year.

Broad political support for MPs pay freeze

Both the National Party and ACT are backing the Prime Minister's move to freeze MPs pay for a year.

Seven Sharp’s Michael Holland was there as they took their first steps back where they were born.

Lions Zulu and Malik settle into Auckland Zoo enclosure after years in the capital

The half brothers left Auckland Zoo as youngsters 14 years ago.

Winston Peters.

Winston Peters talks trans-Tasman friendship ahead of Canberra meeting with Australian counterparts

However, asked about the thorny issue of the deportation of Kiwis from New Zealand on character grounds, Mr Peters wasn't backing down.

Deer velvet lowered in pills after supplement company director's nosebleeds

A Commerce Commission lawyer says the process was "woefully inadequate and utterly unscientific".

Former Antarctica New Zealand chief executive Peter Beggs.

Antarctica NZ head resigns

The organisation didn't espond to questions from about why Peter Beggs departed.

The resident said he watched the spout travel across the sea, sucking up water for about five minutes.

Watch: Large water spout seen 'picking up speed' as it travels along Bay of Plenty Coast at Ohope

A subsequent tornado struck the Whakatane suburb, just after 5.30pm, tearing roofs off homes and downing powerlines.

Shaun Hill filmed the weather phenomenon on Belt Road at 5.30pm today.

Watch: Eyewitness films terrifying moment tornado sends debris flying in New Plymouth

Shaun Hill filmed the weather phenomenon on Belt Road at 5.30pm today.

New Zealand's biggest feedlot is home to nearly 20,000 cattle.

Animal rights group calls for end to feedlots

SAFE has serious concerns about both animal welfare and the environmental impact of having nearly 20,000 cattle confined.

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