The NRL clear Cowboys of any wrongdoing

The NRL Integrity unit have investigated rumours the Cowboys were in breach of the salary cap.


Surfing champion Kelly Slater joins plight to find boys lost at sea

Two Florida teens have been missing at sea for three days after a fishing trip.

Huff Post blogger dumbfounded by Timaru breath test

'My car was littered with empty water bottles,' Janis Power wrote.


Former Kiwi ref: McCaw 'trick move' might have been illegal but ref right to let it go

Kelvin Deaker hits back at South African claims the Springboks were robbed.


Projections of 'catastrophic' sea level rise for Auckland waterfront dismissed by council

A group of leading climate scientists predict a three metre rise by the end of the century.


Blessie's killer unmasked: His sordid past as a child sex offender revealed

ONE News can name Tony Douglas Robertson as her murderer and rapist.

One dead, four injured in crash with logging truck

Two major highways have been partially closed in the central North Island due to two serious crashes.


Base jumper's quest to find girl who lost iphone goes viral

David Laffargue posted a video on YouTube asking for help to find the owner of an iphone he found at the bottom of a cliff.


Head Hunters raids: Arrests climb to 13 including Mt Eden prisoners as ex guard quizzed

Ten arrests were made as police raided properties across Auckland.

NZ's human trafficking protections 'weak' - US government report

The report states that New Zealand is a destination for foreigners who are subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour.

Government to 'crowd-source' rule changes

The government is seeking a more productive and collaborative approach between regulators and their stakeholders.

Prisoner star vows to fight child sex charges

Maggie Kirkpatrick, who played the Freak , has been charged with the indecent assault of a 13-year-girl in the 1980s.

At the time Robertson had just been released from prison after serving eight years for kidnapping... - Court reveals

Blessie's killer unmasked: His sordid past as a child sex offender revealed


Model's Miami photo shoot captures scenes of migrants scrambling ashore

A desperate dash for freedom by illegal immigrants washing up on Miami beach, was inadvertently captured on video.

Manly coach Geoff Toovey sacked days after smashing NZ Warriors

Another NRL great is taking over at Manly after Geoff Toovey was finally shown the door today.


'Looks similar to South Africa' - Gareth Morgan's flag competition winner panned

The philanthropist put up $20,000 for his own flag competition, but it's drawn a mixed response.


Could any goalkeeper stop this? Real Madrid's James Rodriguez scores the perfect free kick

Rodriguez bent the ball into the top corner as Inter Milan were thrashed 3-0.


Horrific escalator death: Why didn't onlookers press the stop button?

A China escalator tragedy has shocked the world, but could have been prevented with one simple action.

US Scouts lifts blanket ban on gay leaders - except for church-sponsored units

Law to allow local Scout units to select adult leaders without regard to sexual orientation.


Short-tempered dolphin attacks shocked Irish swimmer at popular beach

Ireland's infamous angry dolphin 'Dusty' has been at it again.

This was a very emotional and powerful performance - Palmerston North Boys' High School

Entire Kiwi school performs 'spine-tingling' haka for fallen teacher

I always thought I was quite a strong person ... it did affect me inside - Simone Anderson Pretscherer

'There were a lot of sceptics' - Kiwi proves haters wrong with remarkable weight loss


Gareth Morgan: I didn't like any of the other shortlisted flag designs

From 1,000 entries, this is the winner of Gareth Morgan's new flag design competition

Pictures: What cops found during raids on Head Hunters

Guns and cars were seized from the gang during the operation.


Entire Kiwi school performs 'spine-tingling' haka for fallen teacher

The haka from Palmerston North Boys' High left observers with "goosebumps".


Murray McCully praises John Kerry for ‘patient diplomacy’ over Iran nuclear deal

US Secretary of State John Kerry thanked New Zealand for the support given as chair of the UN Security Council during the deal.


On its way - a Chevrolet is towed after police raid a Head Hunters pad , and more cars are to follow.

Police in major bust against Head Hunters gang - classic cars seized during raids

Boxing gloves found at Mt Eden prison but Serco can't explain how they got there

New information reveals more incidents at Serco-managed Mt Eden prison.

'His welfare is important for us': Canterbury hunt racial taunter after Fijian left in tears

Sake Aca was left in tears after being abused from the sideline.

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