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TVNZ Licensing brings you short form content with extended genres in the future. To introduce this type of content we would like to offer you news stories from SUNDAY.

SUNDAY is TVNZ’s flagship current affairs programme. Structured as a weekly in-depth current affairs show, the programme has established itself with TVNZ’s audience as a trusted source of human stories that are at once moving and insightful. The show brings viewers award-winning investigations into the stories that matter, from a team of the country's most experienced journalists.

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Ian Sinclair

Ian has spent three decades reporting on newspapers, radio and television.

He joined the Sunday team in 2006.

Ian says Television New Zealand has given him a ringside seat on the world. Since he joined in 1986, he's worked on assignment in every continent except Antarctica,

Promo shot of Ian Sinclair 2014

In the process he's discovered being a New Zealander often pays off, even in the strangest of places. During the last Afghan war he found himself in neighbouring Tajikistan, applying for an Afghan visa.

"New Zealander!" exclaimed the delighted Afghan official. "We don't see many of them. You can stay for six months!"

Later, as he was waiting for a raft ride across the border into Northern Afghanistan, the surprised Tajik guards even reduced the obligatory bribe to half price.

Ian fell in love with journalism after he started writing music reviews for Craccum, the Auckland University student paper. He then embarked on his OE - which included learning the flamenco guitar in Spain. When he returned, he worked in newspapers and radio for nine years before joining TVNZ. His awards have included Overall Best Broadcast Journalist for coverage of the Kosovo War.

Miriama Kamo

Award winning journalist, Miriama Kamo is the presenter of Television New Zealand’s flagship current affairs programme, Sunday.

Promo shot of Miriama Kamo 2014

Miriama worked as a reporter on Sunday between 2002 and 2005. During that time she won the prestigious Best Current Affairs Reporter gong at the Qantas Media Awards in 2005 for her investigation into alleged abuses at Porirua Hospital in the 1960s and 70s.

She then spent six years fronting TV2 current affairs show 20/20.

"Sunday is a programme of great prestige and quality, and it's a privilege to be working alongside journalists and crafts people the country trusts and whom I admire greatly," Kamo says.

John Hudson

When they invented the catch-phrase "experience counts", they were probably thinking of John Hudson.

In 2003, John Hudson joined the Sunday team after stints on 60 Minutes and Assignment. He takes pride in being one of the "old-style" journalists; starting as a newspaper cadet on the New Zealand Herald in 1975,

Promo shot of John Hudson 2014

The big Overseas Experience (O.E), beckoned; so John took off to London. Freedom called but the usual rules of economics prevailed. What was meant to be a three-year vacation became some serious work experience in television news, and reporting and subbing for BBC radio.

John Hudson has his share of media awards but the thing that most impresses those who seek to judge journalistic excellence is the integrity that he brings to the job. Those who work with John admire the way he spends the necessary time it takes "to get it right". He has the knack of taking pretty complex subjects and arguments and turning them into human stories that are at once moving and insightful.

Janet McIntyre

"She has a cross-examination technique that would be the envy of any criminal barrister". That is the considered opinion of one of Auckland's top media lawyers.

This verdict on Sunday correspondent Janet McIntyre has been confirmed by many distinguished and impartial judges at local and international media award ceremonies. The evidence is her impressive collection of media awards for writing and reporting.

Promo shot of Janet McIntyre 2015

Janet McIntyre has been in the news business for a decade and a half. Born, bred and educated in Brisbane, she graduated from the University of Queensland. Janet's journalistic career kicked off as a cadet reporter at Brisbane's Channel 9. She was on the road cutting her teeth on the day-to-day news in the Sunshine state... but then New Zealand called.

The trip to New Zealand was planned as a two-year hitch. More than a decade later, Janet is very much part of the kiwi TV scene. The gold and silver trophies on the McIntyre mantelpiece look like they belong as she belongs to the small and elite group of correspondents who producers rely on to reel in "the big ones".

When the story is gripping and vital chances are Janet McIntyre will be telling it to you the way it really happened and with no holds barred as a Sunday exclusive.

Libby Middlebrook

Libby Middlebrook started out as a cadet reporter for a community newspaper in Hawke's Bay, and went on to study journalism at the Auckland University of Technology (then AIT).

Promo shot of Libby Middlebrook 2015

Libby worked in newspapers for the first eight years of her career, largely at the New Zealand Herald, the Sunday Star-Times and the Waikato Times. In 2005, she moved to Television and spent the next five years covering breaking news, court and crime.

She joined Sunday in 2014.

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