Kiwimeter: What kind of Kiwi are you?

The Kiwimeter survey has now closed.


Kiwimeter results: Younger New Zealanders are less patriotic

Patriotism seems to be on the decline among New Zealand's youth, who are more driven by global issues than Kiwi pride.

KiwiMeter respondents pass the 200,000 mark

The survey has sparked discussion among New Zealanders up and down the country about how we view ourselves.


Kiwimeter: More than half of respondents agree on keeping the current flag

The latest results show young New Zealanders identify more with the current flag as the proposed flag identifies too closely to the Prime Minister and the National Party.


Kiwimeter: Overall New Zealanders feel pretty positive towards immigrants

People have been logging onto Kiwimeter and answering questions to determine which group lines up with their beliefs on national identity.


Kiwimeter reveals we're proud of our anti-nuclear stance and lifestyle

Your responses help researchers get a snap shot of how Kiwis view the world and how we view ourselves.


One symbol stands above all for Kiwis identifying with NZ– survey shows

A kiwi bird was what symbolises NZ’s national identity most, according to Kiwimeter, a ONE News survey.


Kiwimeter: Nationalism, sport the top Kiwi values

Religion is at the bottom, according to the first results from the Kiwimeter online survey run by ONE News.


Kiwimeter: First results are in as survey on national identity climbs to 80,000

Kiwimeter is a ONE News poll on looking at how New Zealanders view themselves.


'She's more England' - many young Kiwis don't identify with The Queen

ONE News took Kiwimeter to a Children's Day event in Porirua.


Kiwimeter: Kiwis identify strongly with sport

In Just under 24 hours tens of thousands of Kiwis have completed the ONE News Kiwimeter survey.


Take the Kiwimeter test: The biggest ever survey of NZ's identity

ONE News launches debate about what it means to be a New Zealander in 2016.

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