First Idol Play Backfires For Old Chani

Tauranga man Liam Hose has found himself voted out of Survivor New Zealand tonight after an Immunity idol play went belly-up.

“Drop Your Buffs” – it was a phrase castaways had been waiting to hear. Tonight it became a reality when Matt Chisholm announced the tribe mix-up, immediately sending shockwaves amongst Chani and Khangkhaw alliances.

The forever-chilled and laidback Liam, along with fellow Chanis JT and Eve, found themselves in the new-look Khangkhaw with Brad, Tess, Tara and Lisa. Outnumbered, they knew they had to take out the Immunity Challenge, or a Chani head would be on the chopping block.

Tonight’s Immunity Challenge Buoy Oh Buoy saw tribe members working in pairs, where they had to race out to a cage suspended in the lake, retrieve a fish trap holding puzzle pieces. Once three traps were recovered, the first tribe to finish the puzzle would win immunity and be safe from Tribal Council.

It was the new-look Chanis game from the beginning. They got the lead early on and didn’t let go, ultimately securing the win and sending new-look Khangkhaw to Tribal Council.

Going into the vote it was made it clear that Survivor is now a numbers game. Knowing their backs were against the wall, the old-Chani: JT, Eve, and Liam knew they had to make a big move – and they did so, in the game’s first Immunity Idol play.

After deliberating on who the idol would protect, it was decided Eve would play the idol for herself, thinking the old Khangkhaw were eyeballing her for the vote.

As Matt Chisholm began to read the votes, it became clear that their idol had gone to the wrong Chani. With that, the original Khangkhaw four: Brad, Tess, Lisa and Tara, successfully voted out Liam, who became the fifth person to leave the competition.

Reflecting on his time in the game, Liam says: “I came into Survivor wanting an experience and I sure as hell got one. The Chani tribe was put through the ringer from the get-go but I couldn't have found a better bunch of people to go through it all with. I always wanted to be part of a close-knit clan of people that mean something more than just standard mates, and it's fair to say the Chani blood runs deep within all of us.

“When it came down to the wire it probably would've been easier to flip on each other to potentially save ourselves but the fact we stayed united and did everything we could to protect each other is a testament to how tight the Chanis really are. We were down on the numbers and we would've done the same thing had we been in Khangkhaw’s position. Got voted out wearing the yellow buff but it’s blue blood that runs through these veins!”

Thirteen are left. Who will be next voted out on Survivor New Zealand?

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