TVNZ Speaker Series

TVNZ Speaker Series 2018 with Peter Field and Les Binettop

The truth about effectiveness in a changing media landscape.

Peter Field and Les Binet shared a powerful keynote address at TVNZ about the truth and about effectiveness in a changing media landscape where they shared findings from their current report Media in Focus and their upcoming report Effectiveness in Context, which examine what has changed in marketing effectiveness and what has not, and conclude that many have been misled. In particular marketing remains primarily a numbers game: the main way brands grow in the long term is still by increasing penetration through brand building. This is best achieved using broad reach media such as TV, not through tight digital targeting. Unfortunately, the explosion of short term-ism in marketing since the global financial crisis has resulted in the reduction of investment in brand building in favour of short-term sales activation and this has led to declining effectiveness. Les and Peter argue that we need to strike a better balance between short and long-term advertising if we want to exploit the full effectiveness potential of the evolving media landscape and will reveal how this balance varies by the context of the brand. 

Below you can view parts of the presentation or watch the full event video.


Why we still need brand building marketing - Peter Field top

Are the effectiveness rules changing? - Les Binettop

How do you get reach in today's world? - Les Binettop

Case Study: AA roadside assistance - Les Binettop

As short term-ism takes off, effectiveness falls - Peter Field top


Full event videotop

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