New Zealand's first fully disabled rugby team takes to the field in Christchurch

New Zealand’s first fully disabled rugby team took to the field in Christchurch over the weekend.

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For most players, it's their first time playing in a team and feeling like they belong. Source: 1 NEWS

The team, belonging to High Schools Old Boys’, is part of an international organisation called Tri Trust Rugby.

The squad consists of 20 players who all have intellectual and/or physical disabilities and are aged between 12 and 40.

For many, it was their first time playing on a team.

Captain Bradley Holt, who has Prader-William Syndrome, said it’s the first time he’s felt like he really belonged.

“We get bullied a lot and it’s awesome to have Old Boys’ give us a jersey to play them... an actual club,” he said.

The side has ‘enablers’ playing alongside them from the club’s Division 1 and Colts teams who help facilitate the game and ensure everyone gets involved.

“We take it for granted writing our name down to play sports but for these guys it’s a rare opportunity,” said enabler Josh Purdon.

Jamie Livingstone, the club’s director, said the side’s a special addition to the club and it’s rewarding for all involved.

“It’s just amazing to give something back to people who haven’t had a chance to play rugby like we have,” he said.

The goal’s that in time they’ll have other teams to play against domestically, and one day internationally.