Don't come to hui in Northland, iwi leaders warn those who went to Auckland protest

Northland iwi leaders say those who went to an Auckland protest march last weekend won't be welcome at hui in the north. 

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There’s concern the group are breaching Covid-19 rules and should go into quarantine. Source: 1 NEWS

There's concern the group have put vulnerable communities in danger by breaching Covid-19 rules and should have quarantined on their return.

The Te Tai Tokerau border control group have worked to keep Covid-19 out of the Far North, maintaining road blocks and checkpoints and delivering food packages to vulnerable people in the community.

“I'm saying have your hui but practice safe processes," Reuben Taipari of Te Tai Tokerau Border Control told 1 NEWS.

"I don't care about the politics, I don't care which parties they're supporting, all I care about is making sure the people in our communities in Te Tai Tokorau are safe.” 

He’s calling for returning Northland protestors that attended the event to get tested and to isolate themselves.

“This is not a conspiracy, Covid-19 is killing millions of people. Historically the native indigenous people are the most affected in a pandemic,” Taipari says.

One man who attended the Auckland protest from Northland disagrees with the proposed measures.

“I believe that it's my own fundamental right to wear a mask or not; if I want to go in this country or not wherever I want to go in this country that’s where I will,” Reti Boynton told 1 NEWS.