Moving to Alert Level 1 may cause anxiety for some, say psychologists

The end of the weekend signals the country is a step closer to Level 1, as Cabinet decides tomorrow when the country will make the move down a level.

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Cabinet will meet tomorrow to decide on a move to Alert Level 1, but not everyone's keen on the loosening of restrictions. Source: 1 NEWS

Some experts say it might take a bit of getting used to reaching the lowest rung on the Covid-19 alert ladder.

Not everyone's so keen on the loosening of restrictions that'll allow big gatherings like concerts and remove separation on public transport.

Psychologists have reported seeing more cases of anxiety as the country moved out of lockdown and are advising those who feel anxious returning to work is to keep trusting health officials and take things slowly.

"For the past two months we have been told that being near people outside our bubble and being out of homes is a risk to our health and loved ones, it's very hard to reprogramme your brain to say everything is OK now," says psychologist Jacqui Maguire.

"One of the ways we help get over anxiety is behavioural activation which means if you continue to avoid and stay at home the anxiety will get bigger."

Business leaders say workers back on the job are vital to economic recovery.

"Communicating with each other to ensure they do feel safe and understanding the risks so that as many people can get back to work as fully as possible, as quickly as possible," says Kirk Hope of Business NZ.

"It's natural to feel anxious, acknowledge it, when you name it you tame it and go and do it anyway," said Ms Maguire.