How ditching fast fashion for second-hand clothes can help Kiwi businesses - financial writer

NZ Herald money writer Frances Cook has made a pact not to buy any new clothes this year, saying it’s good for both her wallet and local businesses.

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Frances Cook has decided not to buy new clothes this year, shopping second hand instead. Source: Breakfast

Speaking on TVNZ1’s Breakfast this morning, she said buying clothes from second-hand shops was “a great way to support local” because they’re usually run by charities or are small businesses.

“Or, if you’re buying online, you’re buying direct from another New Zealander who’s probably decluttering to try and hit their own savings goal.

“So, this is probably the best way to make sure your dollars stay in New Zealand.”

Cook said she’d been able to score good-quality clothes for a fraction of the price that she’d pay shopping on fashion “high streets” where many of the clothing chains were overseas-owned.

“This is an incredible way to have your cake and eat it too. I like to have nice things,” she said.

“I always think the best way to budget is to be quite honest with yourself about what your weaknesses are and what you want to keep in your life, then find a smarter way to indulge it.” 

She also had some tips for budding second-hand shoppers:

  • “Target the nice suburbs” as clothes were usually sold in the same place they were donated
  • Target regional second-hand stores as they’re “less picked-over”
  • If you’re after something specific, trawl through Trade Me