Kaikōura brewery knocked down by earthquakes, Covid-19 remains optimistic

Small towns, small business and tourism are three sectors that are doing it tough in New Zealand right now.

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Emporium Brewing owner Paul Finney hasn’t had an easy go of his passion, Seven Sharp reports. Source: Seven Sharp

One Kaikōura brewery ticks all three of those boxes.

Founded by Laura and Paul Finney, Emporium has had its fair share of knocks.

The small brewery has lived through two earthquakes and the Covid-19 epidemic, but in true Kiwi style continues to get back up.

Despite it all, the Finneys remain optimistic.

“I hope that at some point we don’t have anymore earthquakes, pandemics, etcetera… A few years of just regular trading would be nice,” says Mr Finney.

“We believe in it I guess, we know that this town needs a business like this,” he says.

Though they’re happy being “the little guy”, a small brewery in a small town, getting a top 30 gold sticker to trade in New World stores around the country has been a high in a number of lows.

“Getting into New World gets us into the North Island. Most people in the North Island haven't heard of us,” says Ms Finney.

“We’re not after global domination or anything like that… quite happy being the little guy,” says Mr Finney.

The Finneys are hopeful for local tourism to bring more visitors to Emporium. 

"People travel to beer... Drink in the shadow of the brewery is what they always say," says Mr Finney.