'It was so blatant' - Bizarre moment packages are stolen from Auckland home's doorstep in broad daylight

A brazen daylight robbery in Auckland was caught on camera, with an incredibly bold thief seen pilfering a package from a doorstep before cycling away - even after being confronted by a neighbour.

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The confident thief was repeatedly confronted by a concerned neighbour, but she claimed she had permission.

In the video footage, a woman in a bright red top can be seen casually walking away from a house in Stonefields, large white package in hand.

When confronted by a neighbour, the confident thief insists she had permission to take the parcel.

"What? You can go and ask them," she says, insisting she knows who lives at the house before refusing to answer and cycling away.

The daylight robbery was so baffling, neighbour Paul Cassidy says he didn't realise what was happening.

"I feel pretty foolish now because in hindsight and putting the pieces together, of course she was stealing the parcels!" he told 1 NEWS.

"But at the time I wasn’t really paying full attention and wasn’t sure if it was an arranged pickup. It didn’t seem so, but I just wasn’t sure."

Juan Rheza Setiadi didn't even realise his packages had been delivered at the time of the theft.

He suspects the thief had been following the courier driver around.

"I was livid. To think that someone would do that kind of thing in our current social climate with the lockdown and everything," he says.

"We’ve learnt since this morning that the parcels taken were winter clothes for my mum, and so it just sucks."

Mr Setiadi's mother works for the Auckland District Health Board as a newborn hearing screener and he says she's been working through the lockdown, putting herself at risk.

His father, over 70 years old, is high risk for Covid-19 and also runs an essential business supplying food products to Asian supermarkets.

The theft was a kick in the guts for the family.

"It was money she has worked hard for, and for those clothes to just be gone now, that just means we’d have to spend more money that could’ve gone towards rent, or groceries, on replacing those things," Mr Setiadi says.

"I understand the current situation is stressful for everyone, but that doesn’t justify going around stealing things."

It's believed the thief may have been operating in the area for some time, with other community members raising concerns.

Mr Cassidy regrets not intervening.

"It was just so blatant! I’ve been kicking myself all day for not grabbing her," he says.

"I just hope they get their stuff back."

Police are currently investigating the theft and while they wouldn't say whether there have been similar crimes in the area, a spokesperson says they were called earlier in the morning to another report of a woman acting suspiciously.

"Police take matters relating to theft or burglary seriously and those involved will be held accountable," the spokesperson says, encouraging people to get in touch if they see any suspicious activity.

To try and reduce the risk, people are urged to check their mail regularly and collect any parcels that may have been delivered as soon as possible.