Simon Bridges says his role amid coronavirus lockdown will be to 'constructively' ask 'hard questions'

Simon Bridges will be chairing a cross-party committee to hold New Zealand’s Government to account as the entire country goes into isolation.

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It comes as New Zealand MPs are expected to vote to suspend parliament until late April. Source: Breakfast

It’s expected that New Zealand MPs will today vote to suspend Parliament until late April.

As Opposition Leader, National’s Simon Bridges told TVNZ1’s Breakfast this morning that the committee’s role is to hold the Government to account.

“I’ll be chairing this committee at Parliament and it’s gonna be meeting a number of times a week. Effectively, what I see my role is is asking the hard questions that you as New Zealanders will want answers to and to do that constructively but to provide a scrutiny that will improve the response of Government,” said Mr Bridges.

The hard questions Mr Bridges speaks of at this stage are health-related.

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New Zealand goes to its highest Covid-19 alert level from midnight tomorrow. Source: 1 NEWS

“Have we got enough ventilators? How many have you got, [Ministry of Health's Director-General of Health] Ashley Bloomfield? How many do you think we need? What’s your plans to scale that up? What’s the story with facemasks, testing kits?

“It will be those sort of things, I think, on day one we’ll be focused on.”

Mr Bridges believes the committee will be helpful for the Government.

The National leader on Monday announced his support of the nationwide lockdown, which will last for four weeks in an effort to fight Covid-19. He also said that all National MPs were on board to help with the response.

Today he told Breakfast that we’re all in it together.

Simon Bridges calls for calm, as he announces support for coronavirus lockdown

“Granted, where we are at level four, we’re going into lockdown. I totally agree with that,” he said.

“The way I think about it is where we are and the difficult times we’re in, we are all in it together.”