Auckland Council fuming over rogue trampers damaging barriers to kauri dieback areas

If you defy measures to contain kauri dieback you'll get caught.

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Barrier have been damaged, and officials are taking action. Source: 1 NEWS

That’s the warning from Auckland Council officials disappointed with the number of people still breaking the rules.

With barriers damaged, and trampers trespassing, they’re urging people to stop and do the right thing.

It’s the busiest time of the year on tracks in Auckland’s regional and local parks, and in just a nine-day period close to 20 people were caught offending.

“We've identified 14 people who will receive a trespass and bylaw breach notice because they were found in a closed track area,” said licensing and regulatory compliance Lead Jesse Hindt.

He said four others are facing formal warnings, adding that they are all Aucklanders.

Today, track ambassadors were watching people visiting the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park closely, ensuring they were following footwear cleaning requirements.

As for those entering closed tracks, Mr Hindt said, “Underlying a lot of it is a sense of entitlement I suppose”.

“What we do know is that it's not through a lack of understanding or awareness."

A big concern is that fences at the entrance to closed routes are being found cut away, damaged or completely removed.

“Instead of spending our time getting out there and getting tracks available for people to use, we're having to go and repair the damage they’re doing," said Regional Park Manager Rachel Kelleher.

“Whilst it seems they’re frustrated by closures, they're actually not helping us get tracks open faster."

Ms Kelleher says her team has used the winter period to complete a lot of design work for track upgrades in the next five years.

“In fact we’re three quarters of the way through our design work for all the tracks we’re planning to open over that period."

Council officials say they're encouraged that most people are following the rules, but warning those who aren’t that they will be caught at some point.