Trio rescued after escaping sinking boat off Auckland that ended up engulfed in flames

Three people escaped with their lives after a boat sank off Little Barrier Island in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf today.

Three people have been rescued after a boat sank, before becoming engulfed in flames, off Little Barrier Island. Source: Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

The trio, including two adults and a young adult, survived after swimming from the sinking vessel to a nearby boat, Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust communications manager Lincoln Davies told 1 NEWS. They had been wearing life jackets.

An Auckland Westpac Helicopter crew was called to assist in the rescue when they were notified by the Coastguard that they had been picked up by the second boat. 

The helicopter crew later found the sinking boat fully engulfed in flames.

All people were accounted for, and did not require medical attention.