Good Sorts: Blenheim man makes 2300 jars of marmalade to repay St John for saving his life

This week's Good Sort is a Blenheim man who took an unexpected ride with St John before receiving a pacemaker to monitor his heart.

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Don took an unexpected ride to hospital in an ambulance and wanted to do something to thank St John. Source: 1 NEWS

A ride that saved his life inspired Don Hellman to repay the team for looking after him, so Mr Hellman and his wife made marmalade.

It started with a simple promise: "I could make you a jar or two."

But the retired pharmacist has since made 2331 jars of marmalade and delivers frequently to the Blenheim St John's store.

The ingredients are locally sourced with the help of his neighbours who grow lemons.

Watch more of the story in the video above.