Can you improve your Lotto chances by playing online?

Forget lucky Lotto shops, digital may be your lucky way forward.

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The two people who won $19 million each purchased their tickets through MyLotto. Source: Seven Sharp

The two Auckland winners who will be splitting Wednesday night’s $38 million Powerball jackpot - New Zealand's second-highest lottery prize - bought their tickets online on MyLotto.

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Both tickets were sold to players in Auckland, who’ll each take away just over $19 million each. Source: 1 NEWS

While only 20 per cent of punters bought their tickets online, eight of the 14 big Lotto winners this year were MyLotto players.

But a Lotto spokesperson told TVNZ 1's Seven Sharp, playing online did not change a person’s chances of winning.

“But MyLotto has been having a really good winning streak at the moment,” she said.

She said Lotto’s digital age didn’t spell the end of physical Lotto stores.

“Some players really enjoy that experience of holding a physical ticket and going in-store to their local Lotto shop, and we don't see that changing any time soon.

“When you think about Lotto, you think about those little yellow slips of paper.”

It is certainly true for owners Karen and Rob of Wellsford's Woodys Winners. They have sold 20 tickets which proved to be first division winners.

Karen said locals tell her lines of people queueing for tickets have extended around the footpath before.