Free children's car seats, instead of tickets, handed out at Auckland police checkpoint

A West Auckland social enterprise has teamed up with Plunket, the police and Auckland Transport to hand out free car seats at a police checkpoint.

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Police, Plunket and Auckland Transport were all involved in the initiative. Source: Seven Sharp

The checkpoint was set up this morning to assess how well children under seven are strapped in. 

Seven Sharp joined the team, who handed out rubber duckies and brand new booster seats - instead of tickets for those whose car seats were not up to scratch. 

They were provided by The Trusts, a West Auckland community-owned social enterprise that was approached by police and Plunket after seeing the need in the community.

“They just told us stories of real need and we’ve seen that today with the people who have been turning up,” says Chief Executive of The Trusts, Simon Wickham.

Mr Wickham says there’s no cap on the number of seats that might be needed for the community.

“Look if they need more seats, we’ll get more seats out there,” he says.

A number of seats which were in poor condition or even broken were replaced at this morning’s checkpoint.