'I'm cool with that' - Simon Bridges responds to Greens ad mocking his accent

National Party Leader Simon Bridges says rival political parties that mock him in their adverts are "feeling the pressure" of what National has to offer.

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The National Party leader told TVNZ1’s Breakfast that the ads are because other parties are “feeling the pressure”. Source: Breakfast

Talking to TVNZ1's Breakfast today, he said "I kind of like it" in response to the Green Party's recent ad mocking his accent.

The ad was pulled just two hours after being uploaded to Twitter yesterday afternoon after drawing heavy criticism online. 

"I kind of like it, it's just that the Green Party supporters didn't like it," Mr Bridges said. "I'm holding the Government to account on their taxes, they want to hold me to account on my accent - I'm cool with that."

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Labour and National have also recently released ads taking aim at their political foes. Source: 1 NEWS

National is no stranger to releasing similar attack ads, but Mr Bridges said his party does it to "make a serious point".

"I think if you take the Green Party's ad, the reality is I haven't seen it before, but this week we've had unprecedented attack ads. Labour's done a couple on me, the Greens have done one," he said.

"I think it shows they really are feeling the pressure and they are getting the sense that actually we're onto something, that New Zealanders don't like those taxes being piled on, the cost of living going up from those Government policies that are bad for everyday New Zealanders."

Leader of the Greens, James Shaw, said the ad was about National's opposition politics - coming after everything the Government implements.

In response, Mr Bridges stuck by his words against what the Government was doing, saying, "these guys - their only response is, 'Oh no, where should we go in the draw? Here's another tax'.

"It's easy, it's not hard work," he said, discussing recent taxes added to petrol, vehicle taxes and rent prices going up.

"Mum and dad in West Auckland and South Auckland - heck, for that matter, Central and East Auckland - they can't afford it."

Mr Bridges also claimed he'd done more for climate change during his time as a minister than the entire Government has achieved over the past 20 months. He criticised the announcement of a proposed vehicle tax which wants to give discounts for electric, hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles and put a fee on high emitters sold in the country for the first time.

He said the issue requires "special thinking" instead of simply taxing. 

"There's incentives, there's plans, there's ways you can get there I think, but just to say, 'Hey, lets have another tax,' when New Zealanders - whether it's a parent with three kids and cars seats, whether it's a farmer, whether it's a tradie - they can't get into that smaller vehicle. It's not realistic."