Brian Tamaki says he and his gay campaign manager 'yielded ground' to work together

After a number of well documented anti-gay slurs from Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki over the years, it might come as a bit of a surprise to learn that the PR man behind the Tamakis' political party is gay.

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Seven Sharp finds out what a gay man is doing helping the Destiny Church founders. Source: Seven Sharp

Jevan Goulter is campaign manager and chief strategist for the Coalition New Zealand party led by Hannah Tamaki.

In an interview with TVNZ1's Seven Sharp tonight, Mr Tamaki admitted some people might find Mr Goulter's appointment a strange one.

"Here's this relationship with somebody who is self-confessed gay and bi-sexual and all this stuff, that you'd think, 'Wow, what they are doing mixing?', but this is such a great relationship we have," Mr Tamaki said.

When asked by reporter Tim Wilson how he squares away past anti-gay sentiments, such as how gay people caused the Christchurch earthquakes, with Mr Goulter, Mr Tamaki said it was never about hate towards people.

"I've never hated people, we're talking about behaviours and that's a different aspect," he said. 

Mr Tamaki said both he and Mr Goulter have had to "yield ground" to come together.

Mr Goulter caused controversy earlier this week when he suggested paedophiles should be euthanised and also advocated introduction of the death penalty for them.