Wellington daredevil sparks copycat concerns after 70-metre-high parkour stunt

Footage of a man climbing a crane in Wellington with no safety harness that has appeared on YouTube has sparked concerns about copycat behaviour. 

While the daredevil is taking the sport of parkour to dizzying heights, others are concerned he's setting a bad example.

Parkour originated in France in the eighties and is focussed around getting from point A to point B in the most interesting and challenging manner.

Shot just over a year ago, this risk-taker is seen climbing a crane in Wellington's CBD.

It stretches around 70 metres in the air, and he’s wearing no safety harness or gear at all.

1 NEWS has agreed not to identify the man behind this heart-stopping footage as he fears he might be prosecuted for trespassing.

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Parkour enthusiasts push themselves to the max on Auckland streets. Source: 1 NEWS

"I've been caught like multiple times but most of them let me off with a warning, or they kick me out," he says. "It's mainly security guards - nothing illegal. I've never been in serious trouble."

Jack Newton typically works as a stuntman but he also teaches people how do parkour in a safe manner. He says videos like the one shared online are giving this urban acrobatics a bad reputation.

"They've probably seen clips online and tried it and it's really silly - that's not at all what we do here," he says. 

"We get a lot of fun from ground level and I don't feel like anyone here will actually need to go on a roof, because there's plenty of challenge down here."

It's a challenge the pros say is just as thrilling.

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While he’s taking the sport to dizzying heights, others are concerned he’s setting a bad example. Source: 1 NEWS