New website to help skilled employees find flexible jobs

A new website has been created to help skilled employees find flexible jobs.

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Whether it’s part time or home-based work, the website Getaflex is helping Kiwis find work. Source: Seven Sharp

Getaflex only advertises flexible work - part time, fixed term, work from home, work your own hours and it's targeted at white collar workers.

“It's great to be able to have that flexibility where you can fit those types of things in without feeling like your head's going to explode from just trying to do it all," accountant and mum Leigh Cook says.

"It is challenging I think for anyone who has dependents, be they children or parents or other family members or friends they might be looking after.  There's always that balance between the care you need to give to them, earning an income, and having a bit of a life for yourself as well."

So Ms Cook went searching on Getaflix.

"It's just been a godsend really, I don't know how we would've coped with a family with two of us working.

"I think with the modern day demands that are based on people it's great to be able to have that flexibility there, and particularly for professionals who are looking for a certain role, and a certain level of income, Getaflex offers that for them.

"They don't have to feel like they have to compromise on their years of training or experience to move down in salary."

The brains behind Getaflex is former diplomat and current busy mum, Amy Prebble.

"Prior to having children I had tertiary qualifications, I had many years of experience, and I wanted to continue progressing my career along with spending time with my kids," she says.

"If you look at part time work, it's generally low paid and low skilled, so when I was looking for a position to be able to continue to progress my career, I was quite astounded that it's really hard to find."

Some big companies have started using the website.

"We've got around 1300 people signed up as job seekers. We have some fantastic employers who've come on board, likes of Vodafone, University of Auckland, Transpower, ANZ has just come on board, Kiwibank," says Ms Prebble.

"Eight to five is basically gone, we need to actually all adapt."