'Love will always prevail over hate' - Phil Goff's message to NZ's biggest Muslim school in wake of Christchurch terror attacks

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff addressed the students, staff and those gathered at Auckland's Al-Madinah School, who held a special assembly to honour the 50 killed in last Friday's Christchurch terror attacks.

Speaking today, Mr Goff outlined that the actions of the alleged gunman who killed 50 and injured dozens are not reflective of New Zealand.

"We gather here to remember 50 decent, good people. Men, women and children, gunned down at prayer in their mosques, by an individual consumed by hate," he said.

"We are here today to say that love will always prevail over hate, and that our values as a people, a city, a nation will not be defined by that individual.

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New Zealand's biggest Muslim school held a special assembly to honour those lost. Source: 1 NEWS

"Now is the time to commit ourselves to the multi-cultural and multi-faith society that we are. A society where every person is free to practice their religion safely. Where every person is free and encouraged to show their cultural identity, and to be proud of it.

"We want to build a country where everyone is equal and treated equally with respect regardless of race, colour or creed."

To see Mayor Goff's full speech, watch the video above.

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Mr Goff addressed those at Al-Madinah School in Auckland this morning. Source: 1 NEWS