Remaining residents displaced by Tasman fire given green light to return home permanently

All remaining residents displaced by the Tasman forest fire have been given the green light to return home permanently.

This morning, Civil Defence confirmed that those living in the Redwood, Teapot and Eves Valleys would be granted 24/7 access to their properties, but under strict controls.

This means residents will have to check in and out of staffed cordons every day.

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The attempt to extinguish the fire is now approaching day 10. Source: 1 NEWS

"Don’t plan for a dinner party, we’ll be turning your guests away," Police cautioned at a community meeting in Hope, Tasman.

The decision puts an end to a 16 night stretch away from home for many people. On Wednesday, a total of 84 properties and 250 people remained evacuated.

But two Redwood Valley residents told 1 NEWS despite the wait, they count themselves "lucky evacuees" and praised the firefighters who saved their homes.

"Our faith with all those guys behind us. You knew that you were out of the place for a reason while they went and did their bit and we had full faith that that were doing.. That our houses were protected so well".

Returning residents were warned by Civil Defence controller Alec Louverdis that "the fire is not out and there is still a real risk of ongoing danger".

Fire and Emergency Tasman Marlborough Area Commander Grant Haywood advised people to steer clear of dangerous areas.

"We’ve created a containment line around the fire. It’s not the place to go and have a look… because beyond them the fire is still active".

They were also told to be prepared for ongoing firefighting disruptions, including vehicles and heavy machinery going up and down driveways, monsoon buckets flying overhead and drones operating at night.

"Have two forms of exit, and the key message If you see smoke or have any concerns around your property, you need to call 111," Mr Haywood said.

Meanwhile, a decision has been made by Tasman and Nelson mayors Richard Kempthorne and Rachel Reese to open applications for the Mayoral Relief immediately, rather than require people to wait until after the State of Civil Emergency has ended to receive assistance.

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They have been warned, however, there are still areas of danger in the Tasman region. Source: 1 NEWS