How Ricardo Christie’s family helped him get back on the World Surf League’s Championship Tour

After three years in the wilderness Kiwi pro surfer Ricardo Christie has made it back on the World Surf League Championship Tour for 2019.

With the year he’s had, you'd forgive the guy for wanting to take a break from the board and the beach.

But when hanging out with his family at his Gisborne paradise, there's no place he'd rather be.

“They are everything to me… just having them gives me a reason to do everything ….I love just being able to share what I do with them, it makes it extra special," he said.

It’s been an extra special year.

A string of good results in the qualifying series by the 30-year-old from Mahia, including a third place at the Hawaiian Pro, has seen him get back on the Championship Tour after a three-year absence.

“The last few years have been… ‘yea gotta get back on” and that was kind of the mindset… and this year I kinda let go of that and was like ok everything is kind of happening I’m just going to let go of everything.” Christie told 1 NEWS from his home in Gisborne.

2018 has been a juggle for him and partner Sophie Steevens, who welcomed their third child Jai to the Christie clan that includes two other boys, Milo and Eli.

But Sophie told 1 NEWS they’ve gotten used to it over the last eight years. 

“He always finds it quite hard to leave but I don't know I reckon it (Jai’s birth) kind of gave him a little bit more oomph or something for the year…little bit of inspo aye.”

Christie new found attitude and the amount of time spent on the road the key to his qualification.

“When I’m away what makes me kinda commit to the moment and do my best is looking forward to coming home and to my family.”

Next year will be the first year two Kiwis have been represented on both sides of the World Tour, with Paige Hareb maintaining her spot on the woman’s circuit.

“I’m sure we will have a little more support we will be bringing both our own teams so we will have our own little Kiwi family on the road.”

But until the tour kicks off in April in Australia, it’s family first, with a summer roadie lined up for where ever there’s waves.

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    While thrilled to be back on the World Surf League Championship Tour, he’s relished the time at home in Gisborne with family. Source: 1 NEWS