Praise for 'Gerry Brownlee hates Christchurch' plaque

A dedication to Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee on a park bench on Christchurch's High Street has been praised by residents.

A plaque on a park bench on Christchurch's High Street. Source: Facebook C1 Espresso

C1 Espresso posted a photo of the plaque on its Facebook page as the bench sits outside the cafe.

It reads: "This park bench is dedicated to the memory of GERRY BROWNLEE who hates Christchurch and everyone in it."

The post has received 811 likes, 860 shares and dozens of comments, mostly in favour of the plaque.

Matthew Gallen said it was "fantastically freakin awesome".

Cameron Mccoll posted: "This is the best thing ever."

Barrie J. Fowler commented on the photo: "Sometimes the truth can hurt...."

Several people said they loved the sign and hoped it would remain on the bench seat, but others said it was "too harsh".

Heather Mary Miller commented: "Ouch! That's a little bit harsh!"