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Good Sorts: Pet store worker embraces animal lover's excitement instead of shying away

This week's Good Sort is Auckland pet store worker Birgette Harris.


Breast cancer survivor designs 'Booby Cushion' to help patients sleep

Interior designer Susan Rivett is a Good Sort who teamed up with Auckland Women's Prison to get the cushions made.


Good Sorts: Meet Ruby the cat, a very special feline who helps people receiving cancer treatment

Ruby is a welcome resident at Ozanam House, which looks after people with cancer.


Good Sorts: Kind-hearted farmer opens his home to kindy kids from next door

Everyday, Gordon Burr opens up his farm for the neigbouring kindy kids to explore.


Good Sorts: Gerry Romley from Clendon, South Auckland

When Gerry's employer told him he was no longer required it gave him the opportunity to get back to nature, in the city.


Good Sorts: The teacher aid swapping one person’s trash for another’s treasure

This week’s Good Sort is Annette Patterson from the South Otago town of Owaka.


Good Sorts: Former Miss NZ opens up her home to kids needing after-school care

Linda Edwards has been opening up her home for 20-odd years.


Good Sorts: Whakatane teacher saves school $206,000 in power bills

Dave has saved his school hundreds of thousands just by flicking switches, among other things.


Good Sorts: A theatre director bringing people together

Cary Lancaster helped bring the theatre out of its "rut".


Good Sorts: The locals doing their bit for the environment

Mike Bilodeau is the man behind a group of Okarito locals cleaning up rubbish.


Good Sorts: New Plymouth students put classroom learning into community use

A class in problem solving is now taking a group of students to the other side of the world.


Good Sorts: Orewa man repairing hockey gear for those who can't afford it

When Colin Chester heard about people struggling for gear, he started giving and never stopped.


Good Sorts: Winton man Blair Vining

Blair is in a hurry to tick off projects on his list because time is short.


Good Sorts: Tammy Schurmann pays it forward after selfless act

The Queenstown woman's life changed after an act of kindness from a stranger.


Good Sorts: Meet the Christchurch women who started a breastmilk bank

The pair have turned a tiny storage room into a place new mums can come and get what some call liquid gold.


Good Sorts: Jackie Smith sees dogs as friends and family

If you have a dog with issues you'll want to meet Jackie.


Good Sorts to celebrate 10 years of amazing Kiwis with 45-minute special episode

From foster mums with 10 kids to property investing good Samaritans, Good Sorts has seen them all.


Good sorts: Chris Dugdale buys homes with her heart

The property investor from the Hutt Valley spends her profits with love.


Good Sorts: Meet Christchurch runner and tidy Kiwi, Matt Akehurst

He ends his daily run with a sack of trash retrieved on his four kilometre circuit


Good Sorts: Invercargill's vulnerable get kisses and cuddles with free haircuts

Melissa Aitken was inspired by a YouTube video to give back to her community.

Meet the twin sisters using cycle power to help people with dementia

Rotorua's Judy Bowen and Jan Bellingham are Good Sorts.


Good Sorts: Stranger goes above and beyond in 17-day search for much-loved Bubbles the chihuahua - 'Priceless'

Bubbles was on the run for 17 days, before a community-led search helped reunite her with her owner.

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