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Good Sorts: The Tauranga radio station volunteers who provide company and a soothing voice

Village Radio has amassed 18,000 records from listeners in 37 years.


Good Sorts: Post shop turned op shop raises hundreds of thousands for community

Sue Simpson runs the shop and says she has a "knack" for raising money.


Good Sorts: Hamilton man thanks those who saved his baby daughter's life in creative way

When Graeme's daughter Pixie was just a few weeks old, she needed help in a hurry.


Good Sorts: Palmerston North teacher goes the extra mile and buys car for students to do up

When it was finished, the students sold it to the school principal for a tidy profit.


Good Sorts: The Timaru couple who have invested their life into coaching speed skating

Bill and Cheryl Begg have been long-time coaches of speed skaters.


Good Sorts: Waitara woman devotes over 50 years of her life to helping school cricket team

Thelma Luxton was asked by her teacher to help score a cricket match and never looked back.


Good Sorts: The Kawerau doctor who responded with kindness after man crashed into his car

Cliff Harding had just been told he had cancerous lesions, and then he reversed into a cancer specialist.


Year in Review: The best of Good Sorts 2020

Fair Go's Hadyn Jones took a look back at some of the best Good Sorts of 2020.


Good Sorts: The New Plymouth actor going off-script with his approach to dementia

Ted Normanton can be forgiven if he forgets his lines every once in a while.


Good Sorts: Dunedin travel agent selflessly reunites stranger with dying son

Despite facing financial ruin, Rosann Connolly-George took it upon herself to help reunite a family separated by Covid-19.


Good sorts: Veteran boxer from Rotorua training young people to help develop confidence

Rex Jenkins has a boxing gym set up in his garage where he’s changing lives and creating champions.


Good Sorts: Baby miniature horse Twiggy brings joy to rest home residents

Twiggy was found abandoned by her mother in some bushes on a lifestyle block near Taumarunui.


Good Sorts: The tiny town of Tapanui that raised millions to bring back its health services

The 900-strong Otago town raised $2.5 million for a rest home and medical centre.

Goodsorts: Ted Egan of Thames is built to last

Ted has spent much of his 85 years in his workshop making things - including scale models of Thames buildings which are now on display.


Good Sorts: The immunocompromised woman spending all her time sewing masks for frontline workers

Having barely left home since March, Fran Hendrickson spends her time making masks for those in need.


Good Sorts: Meet the mum honouring her daughter's legacy to help kids deal with grief

After losing her daughter to cancer, while fighting a different kind herself, Nic Russell has dedicated her life to supporting kids dealing with loss.


Good Sorts: The Hamilton vet nurse who's recovering dead or lost cats

Bianhka Wolzak trained as a vet nurse but hasn't been able to find a job.


Good Sorts: Auckland landlord waits two months for tenant whose son has rare health condition

Having lived in emergency housing for two years, Shelly Clarke needed a rental property in Auckland for her son Jethro.


Good Sorts: Innovative Tauranga student works to make school ball cheaper to attend for peers

The school ball is an expensive highlight of the year for students, but Bayley Dyer is trying to ease the pain on the wallet.


Good Sorts: Humble school bus driver's kindness a hit with kids

Harry Tawa gives the students on his bus a card and cash on their birthday.


Good Sorts: Auckland mum’s decade-long journey to get kids into running

Kathy Harding kept going with her efforts, even after her own kids had left school.


Good Sorts: Former homeless woman dedicates life to helping others out of similar situation

Danielle Bergin has made a village of 13 tiny houses for people - and their pets - who find themselves without a home.


Good Sorts: The Christchurch man helping people with brain injuries find work

Nigel Dowd and his family have opened up the family business to give back to people doing it tough.


Good Sorts: The true community man from Methven who's been on 21 local committees

Viv Barrett’s great love is machinery, so he hosted a tour taking in some of his favourites.


Good Sorts: Otago students hunt for their own community heroes

Inspired by Hadyn Jones’ segment, Shotover School students went hunting for their own Good Sorts.


Good Sorts: A friendship born out of a shared love for darts

Keith Read befriended 15-year-old Andrew Sinclair at a competition.

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