Pick Up and Play

Everything you need to know about TVNZ OnDemand's Pick Up and Play feature.

Which devices can I use Pick Up and Play on?

If your device supports TVNZ OnDemand, then it supports Pick Up and Play too!

Simply log in to TVNZ OnDemand and it'll have your details saved and ready to go, including what you've partly watched and where you reached in an episode.


How does Pick Up and Play work?

Pick Up and Play works by using your login to remember the exact point you reach in any episode you don't quite manage to finish.

In doing this, whether you change device or have to pause watching your favourite show for any number of reasons, that episode will be ready and waiting at the exact point you were up to when you're ready to continue!

So, imagine you're halfway through a Shortland Street episode on TVNZ OnDemand on your TV, and you feel like watching the rest of it in bed on your phone. You can. Simply exit the app, grab your phone and the episode will be ready and waiting at the point you'd reached on your TV. Cool huh?