Live in OnDemand

Which shows can I watch live?

Currently, the shows you'll be able to watch live in OnDemand are:

  • Breakfast
  • ONE News at midday
  • Te Karere
  • ONE News at 6pm
  • Seven Sharp
  • One News Tonight
  • Q+A (starting Sunday, 7 August)

For the best experience watching live shows, what browser should I use?

We'd recommend users try a browser like Chrome in order to have the most consistent experience watching live content on TVNZ OnDemand. 

Which devices can I watch live content on?

Live in OnDemand is available on your Desktop/Laptop, and supported Android and iOS devices. For more details on exactly what devices these are, please head to the Supported Devices section.

A particular show I want to watch live on OnDemand isn't available. Why not?

Unfortunately, due to the current rights agreements we have with content providers, we are unable to live stream every single show we have at the present moment.

To begin with, we are live streaming as many of our News and Current Affairs shows as possible, with the aim to deliver more shows, and new events, live in the future.

I missed the first few minutes of a live show in OnDemand. What can I do?

If you miss the start of TVNZ OnDemand's live stream of a show like One News at 6pm, don't fret. TVNZ OnDemand's live shows offer viewers the ability to Start From the Start.

If a show is live, you'll be able to choose whether you begin at the start, or jump in live. In addition to that, you can always skip ahead from the start, or rewind back if you choose the live option.

What's the easiest way to know when the show I want to watch is live?

All live episodes will be signposted on individual show pages. You can also be assured that at the scheduled time for broadcast, our News and Current Affairs shows will be available at that exact moment!

If you're using an iOS or Samsung device, favourite the show you want to watch live and allow push notifications. When the episode is live, you'll be send a reminder.

I can't find any live streams on my device. Why not?

Unfortunately, we haven't launched our live streams on every single TVNZ OnDemand endpoint at this stage.

Devices that won't offer live streaming in the app are Samsung TV, PS3/PS4, FreeviewPlus and the Windows 10 app.

However, we hope to have live capability on as many endpoints as possible in the future.

I can't find the Seven Sharp live stream. Why not?

Currently, our Seven Sharp live stream is joined onto the ONE News at 6pm live stream, as this show flows straight into it. So, to watch Seven Sharp live, you'll have to head to the ONE News at 6pm page and watch it there.

We're working to get Seven Sharp on its own individual stream, and hope to have this available ASAP.