Desktop/Laptop FAQs

Having trouble watching TVNZ OnDemand on your computer? Here are a couple of common things which might help:

- Check you have the latest Flash player -
-  Check your browser’s cookie settings and/or clear your cookies
- Trying viewing the video in different web browsers from the one you’re using such as Chrome, Firefox or IE9.
- Check your internet connection. If your internet connection is slow or intermittent, it will cause problems watching our videos.
- turn off any ad-blocking software or ad blocking browser plug-ins as these can prevent TVNZ OnDemand video from working correctly


Protected Content Message

AVG Anti-Virus software blocking video - If you have AVG installed (including the AVG Toolbar Add-On), you may find that all TVNZ OnDemand video, even the actual player itself, is blocked. The software is classifying the TVNZ OnDemand video player and shows as advertising, and a black screen will appear with no controls. To fix this - see the first entry in "Troubleshooting" below titled "Video player won't load - a black box appears with no buttons"

OnDemand not working on Windows XP or Windows Vista

Unfortunately, our upgrade to HTML5 from the unsecure Flash means that OnDemand is unable to work on any browser available to Windows XP and Vista users.

Originally, we made the change from Flash to HTML5 with the belief that Firefox v.52 would continue to work for these users. However, this version is missing a key plugin required to access our protected content.

As a result, OnDemand will not work on Firefox for Windows XP and Vista users, and the OS is unsupported by our other supported browser versions.

We deeply apologise for any frustration and inconvenience caused by this decision.

I am getting 'Error Code 2' when trying to watch video

If you are experiencing an issue where you receive an Error Code 2 instead of content playing, please try the following:

Update your browser if possible, and try reinstalling it. We'd also recommend trying alternatives to see whether they perform better, whether it be Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or IE.

Chrome users: Please make sure you have the latest version of Chrome, and check chrome://plugins in your URL bar and make sure Widevine Content Decryption Module is enabled. We'd also recommend checking chrome://components to update this Module.

Firefox users: Please make sure you have the latest version of Firefox, and check your browser's menu, then add-ons, then plugins. Then, please make sure Widevine Content Decryption Module is set to Always Activate. And, please check its options to set it to automatically update.

What do I need to be able to watch TVNZ OnDemand

  1. Adobe Flash Player version 10 or later
  2. You must have broadband internet connection. Dial up won't cut it sorry!
  3. Most programmes require you to be viewing from within NZ
  4. Computer timezone must be set to '(GMT+12:00) Auckland, Wellington
  5. You must not be blocking ads from our ad servers. In order to watch TVNZ OnDemand video ensure the following sites are added to your ad blocking software white list:

I am getting 'Error Code 3' when I try to watch OnDemand

If this is happening on a particular show only, please get in touch with us and let us know which one.

If this is happening on all OnDemand content, please check as to whether you can play the DUKE simulcast stream.

We'd also recommend reinstalling your browser, checking for any updates available to it, and try alternatives whether they be Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge or Safari.

If none of this helps, please see whether other devices in your household are also struggling.


Is there any way to use Chromecast and TVNZ OnDemand?

We’re currently working on support for Chromecast with the TVNZ OnDemand app.

However, in the meantime, you can still enjoy all your favourite shows on the big screen with Chromecast by ‘Tab Casting’ on a computer.

Simply put, to do this all you have to do is Cast a Chrome browser tab from your computer to Chromecast, mirroring what’s on your screen onto the TV. You’ll need to have the latest version of Chrome, and to search for and install the Google Cast extension for your Chrome browser.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a little Cast icon available in your browser. Simply press that icon in the tab you want to Cast, choose the Chromecast device you want to Cast to, and the icon will turn blue.

This way, you’ll be able to watch TVNZ OnDemand through Chromecast on the big screen, while we work on support for the app!


I get 'Error Code 4' when I try play OnDemand content

If you're having this issue, please check whether all content is affected or just a single video. We'd also recommend check your browser for any updates, and try reinstalling it.

Further to this, try alternatives like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge or Safari.

If none of this helps, can you please try running a Traceroute by doing the following:

Traceroute steps for Windows

Traceroute steps for Mac

When running either cmd (for Windows)or Network Utility (for Mac) please enter the following: tracert hostname

In the place of hostname, you need to try the following options. So please substitute ‘hostname’ for the following:


Please send us the results.

Why won't video play back on my Mac desktop/laptop?

If the video player on your Mac is turning grey and not playing content, we'd recommend checking and then clearing any manually configured DNS server address that you may have in effect.

You will need to use the one provided by your ISP. For steps on how to edit the DNS server on OSX, please head here.



For the best experience watching live shows, what browser should I use?

We'd recommend users try a browser like Chrome in order to have the most consistent experience watching live content on TVNZ OnDemand. 

Why am I receiving an error message saying incorrect timezone/not in NZ?

To view most content on TVNZ OnDemand, you need to be in New Zealand. If you're receiving an error message even though you are in NZ, there may be a problem with the settings on your computer which determine your location.

There are a few different problems that could be causing this error message.

1) Check the timezone on your device - make sure it is set to New Zealand time - Auckland/Wellington (+12hrs), and that the time is accurate. Also, please ensure the ‘automatically adjust for daylight savings time’ tickbox is selected

2) Please check if you, or anyone in your household is routing your connection through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPNs allows users to appear as though they are actually from a different part of the world.

3) If you recently changed your ISP or internet plan, check with your ISP that your IP address has been correctly set up as a NZ IP. 

4) You may be trying to watch TVNZ OnDemand via your Smart TV browser. Our new website is not supported on TV browsers so you won't be able to watch TVNZ OnDemand unless you have the Samsung TV app.

If you can confirm that your household is not using a VPN, your timezone is correct, you are not trying to watch via a Smart TV browser and your ISP is able to confirm that your IP address has been set up correctly, then please get in touch and let us know.

Why am I receiving a message saying "unable to play this protected content at this time"?

Our video player now requires a cookie to be accepted by your computer due to security requirements for our videos.

To resolve, firstly go to the Adobe Flash Player help site here and follow the instructions to reset your Adobe Flash license files. Once you have reset your Flash license files, close your browser and try watching vidoe again.

If that doesn't work, please try the steps below depending on your browser.

If you are using Chrome, you may have blocked a Sandbox plugin. To amend this, click settings under the Chrome menu, click show advanced settings. Under Privacy click on Content Settings, scroll down to Unsandboxed Plug-in Access and click Manage Exceptions then set the behaviour of Host [*.] to Allow.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, clear your browser cookies:

1.       Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar

2.       Select "Settings"

3.       Click "Show advanced settings"

4.       In the "Privacy" section, click the "Content settings" button

5.       In the "Cookies" section, select "All cookies and data" and then select "Remove All"

You will also need to make sure you are not viewing the video in Incognito mode. Check if you're switched to Incognito mode by looking for the icon of a man in trenchcoat and sunglasses in the top left corner of the browser. To Turn off, simply open a new browser window or tab and close the Incognito window/tab.

For other browsers:

1. Try playing the videos through a different browser if you have one.

2. If you still have problems please try clearing your cache by following these steps:

In Microsoft Internet Explorer, click CTRL + F5

In Firefox, click CTRL + SHIFT + R on Windows, or COMMAND + SHIFT + R on Mac OS.

In Safari, click ALT + CMD + E

3. Check you have the latest version of Flash Player from Adobe

4. Update your browser to the latest version

5. Reboot your computer once you have updated your settings.

I have a valid account but I’m unable to login

In order to keep you logged into your account, TVNZ OnDemand has to save a cookie to your computer. If you’re not able to login, cookies might not be enabled in your browser or your cookie settings may be blocking cookies.

If you are in browsing in Privacy mode or Incognito mode, you will need to turn it off in order to login to TVNZ OnDemand.

To check/update your cookie settings:

In Chrome

-  Check for an icon of a cookie with an x through it on the right hand side of your browser address bar.

-  Click on the cookie and you should see a pop up message which says This page was prevented from setting cookies.  You’ll need to make sure that “Always allow to set cookies” is checked so that you can login and have our site remember you.

-  If you don’t see the Cookie icon, you can also check your cookie settings by selecting the Chrome menu    then Settings > Content Settings.  Click on “Manage Exceptions” to add us to your Exceptions list by typing in [*.] and selecting Allow.

Internet Explorer

-          Click on Settings   then select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
-          Click on the Privacy tab then select Advanced.
-          Check the Override automatic cookie handling box.
-          Next select Accept under First-party Cookies.
-          Select OK in the Advanced Privacy Settings window.
-          Select OK on the Internet Options window to save your changes


-          Go to Tools then Options in the Firefox menu.
-          Select the Privacy tab
-          Select Remember History under "Firefox will:" drop-down menu.
-          Hit okay to close and save the new privacy setting.


-          Select Preferences from the Safari menu.
-          Select Privacy.
-          Select From third parties and advertisers under Block cookies
-          Close and save the new privacy setting.

Once you have updated your cookie settings, you should be able to login to TVNZ OnDemand.

How do I add something to My Shows?

In your own personalised My Shows page you are able to add your fav shows to your Favorites list or add episodes to your watchlist to save for later.

To add a show to your favourites – find the show you want to add to your favourites, hover over the show tile and from the menu select “Add to Favourites”. Alternatively if you are on a show page, you can add to favourites by selecting “Add to Favourites” underneath the show summary.

To add a video to my watchlist – find a video you want to save to your watchlist and hover over the video and from the menu select “Add to Watchlist”. Alternatively you can add a video to your watchlist while you are watching the video by selecting “Add to Watchlist.”  Just make sure to minimize the video screen first so you can see the video options.

History will automatically save the last 50 shows you’ve previously watched so can go back and finish watching later.

You can also remove videos or shows from your My Shows page. Simply hover over the video or show you want to remove and select “Remove from Favourites/Watchlist/History.” 

How do I find a show?

To find a show from the TVNZ OnDemand homepage you can use the area on the left hand side of the screen with the heading "Find A Show" to either browse programmes by A-Z, by genre or by broadcast channel, or by searching for the title of the show.

To find a show using the Shows A-Z search function, simply click the first letter of the show you're looking for, then click on the episode you wish to watch.

To find a show using the title search function, click "Search For A Show", then type in the title of the show, and click 'Search'. Next, just click on the episode you want to watch.

Alternatively, you can click on any 'Watch Episode' links across the rest of the TVNZ site.

How can I get the best playback experience?

Make sure you have Adobe Flash Player version 10 or later installed and you will also need an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.

Do videos on TVNZ OnDemand pre-download before I start watching?

No. All videos on TVNZ OnDemand stream as you watch them, downloading only a five-second advance buffer. This means you only use up data for video that you watch. It also means you can quickly skip to the end of a video if you want to without waiting for it to download.

I am using Chrome and have issues with playback

Firstly, try the instructions listed above for the "Protected Content" message and if you’re not able to resolve, you will need to ensure that your Adobe Flash Player plug-in is enabled. To do this:

1.                   Type chrome:plugins in the address bar to open the Plug-ins page.

2.                   On the Plug-ins page that appears, find the "Flash" listing.

3.                   Click the Enable link under its name.

If you are still seeing this message or you are not using Chrome, you may need to clear your Flash and DRM cache files. Please use the following instructions:

Flash Cache instructions -

DRM Cache instructions -

Video player won't load (a grey/black box appears with no buttons)

If the video player isn’t loading for you, here are a some steps that may help:

-   It’s possible that software on your device is preventing playback of TVNZ OnDemand video. If you have any antivirus toolbars or extensions on your browser, please disable them, restart your browser, and try again. We would recommend disabling any third-party extensions or toolbars (apart from Adobe Flash Player) which might resolve the error.

-   Another possible cause for this error is possible network restrictions. For example, if you’re attempting to view TVNZ OnDemand from your workplace, school, university, government network, or shared network – then there might be some network settings in place to prevent playback of streaming sites – i.e. a firewall. If this is the case, please contact your IT support team to advise on possible solutions.

If possible, before getting back to us, please attempt to view TVNZ OnDemand through an alternative internet connection (e.g a 3g/4g connection, or a different WiFi connection), on the same device that you’re having trouble with. This will help us to narrow down the cause and determine whether the issue is related to your connection, or software/settings on the device.

TVNZ OnDemand is not loading correctly or playing out video in Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 is not supported with this version of TVNZ OnDemand

We recommend using a browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari. If you want to use a version of Internet Explorer, we recommend using Internet Explorer 9 or higher.  

My video player controls have disappeared

It's possible that the zoom settings on your browser are preventing you from seeing the video player's control panel. To alter this, hold down CTRL + 0 or press CTRL + until your browser's zoom settings have reset to 100%.

Alternatively, you can find the 'Zoom' settings in the file menu of your browser, and alter them there. This will re-size your browsing window, and you should be able to see all the player control buttons.

Error message saying not in New Zealand

To view most content on TVNZ OnDemand, you need to be in New Zealand. If you're receiving an error message even though you are in NZ, there may be a problem with the settings on your computer which determine your location.

The data used for detecting your location is your IP address and your time settings.

Please note that your time setting is not just the clock time that is displaying, but the actual timezone that is set within your computer.

To set up your timezone...

·         If you're using Windows, just double-click on the time at the bottom right of your screen. When the 'Date And Time Properties' box opens up, click the 'Time Zone' tab - then make sure it is set to 'GMT +12:00) Auckland, Wellington'. Then click OK and you should be good to go.

·         If you're using a Mac, click on the time at the top right of your screen, then click 'Open Date And Time...' After that opens up, click the 'Time Zone' tab, and make sure the time zone is 'NZST' and the closest city is 'Wellington - New Zealand'. Once that's done, it should be all set up.

If it's not an issue with your time zone, check if someone in your home has done something to your computer to make it appear like it's not in NZ.

Common reasons for doing this include masking your NZ IP address to access international websites via a VPN or custom DNS service like Hola, Zenmate or Hide My Ass. This will need to be turned off so you can watch TVNZ OnDemand video.

Check with the technical expert in your household if you're not sure how to do this!

Video advertisement plays, but programme does not start / "Content not available to view" error message

Our international content is stored on a different server to our local content, and uses a different port (port 1935) on your computer to stream video. If this port is blocked, the international shows won't play.

To check if this is your issue, please try to view a local show, such as Shortland Street, and then try an international show, such as Grey's Anatomy. If only the local show plays, you most likely have port 1935 blocked.

This port is often blocked by institutions, such as workplaces or universities, but if you are at home, please contact your Internet Service Provider to find out how to unblock port 1935.

I am using Linux and having trouble with playback

We've had to make a security update to our video content which is affecting Linux users. While we are unable to support our video player on the Linux operating systems, the instructions below may help you to access TVNZ Ondemand

Alternatively you may be able to find solutions to access Adobe Flash Player by searching Linux online forums.

A particular show I want to watch live in OnDemand isn't offered? Why not?

Unfortunately, due to the current rights agreements we have with content providers, we are unable to live stream every single show we have at the present moment.

To begin with, we are live streaming as many of our News and Current Affairs shows as possible, with the aim to deliver more shows, and new events, live in the future.



Programme freezes and stutters

TVNZ OnDemand is optimised for users on broadband connections. To test your connection to our servers, please take a speed test below:


How do I contact TVNZ OnDemand?

Easy, you can contact TVNZ OnDemand via our Contact Form by clicking here.