Apple TV FAQs

I’ve forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

It is easy. On a browse, simply click on the Login/Register page and select the Forgotten Password link or visit

Then just type in your email address, hit Enter and we will email you a link to to reset your password.

Click on the link in your email inbox, set up a new password and you are done!

If you can not find the email from us in your inbox, make sure to check your spam/junk mail folder and add us to your safe senders list.

Can I update my email address?

It is easy, from your desktop simply click on your name in the top menu and select the Settings option.

Next to your current email address, select the Edit option and update your email address.

Why can't I resume watching the same programme on a different device?

If our pick up and play function is not working for you - make you sure are logged into the same account with the same email address on both devices.

If you have logged in with the same email address on both devices and it is still not working for you, please get in touch and let us know:

When do episodes publish and why do they expire?

The time it takes for episodes to be made available on TVNZ is dependent on the online rights that we have for that show. For example, we can put most shows up immediately after they've finished airing on TV, and with premiering shows we can often put them up on TVNZ after they have aired on the US West Coast or when the episodes arrive at TVNZ.

With regards to rights, the period of time TVNZ can have a show and its episodes available in OnDemand can differ greatly from one show to the next. For example, we can have episodes of Shortland Street up for 6 months, while an Express show playing right after it airs in the U.S. may only be available for 14 days.

We sometimes have content with stacking rights too, where we are limited to how many episodes of a show we're allowed up at one time.

In saying the above, we are working really hard to change the length of time we get shows for, and how many episodes of a show we are allowed to have up at the same time. We are also working to get more full seasons of shows than ever before!

Why are there only some episodes or different seasons of my favourite show available on TVNZ?

While TVNZ OnDemand has always provided catch up episodes of your favourite TVNZ shows, we are committed to bringing you the latest episodes of some shows hot off the satellite from the States.

So if you are seeing some episodes of a show like Scandal from the beginning of a season and some from the end of a season, that is because we are premiering episodes of that show straight after they air in the States as well as playing the same season again from the beginning on TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2 and TVNZ DUKE.

Why isn’t there a new premiere episode of my show each week?

Unlike the New Zealand TV schedule, US TV shows often take breaks, and there are times when older, repeat episodes are screened instead of new episodes. This can happen at various points throughout the season, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and large sporting events (like Superbowl or the Olympics).

When a new episode of a fast tracked show goes to air in the States, it will be available on OnDemand within 48 hours.

If there is a schedule change, we will keep each show site updated to let you know when we expect the next episode to be available.

Why has the episode I wanted to watch disappeared?

If you find that the episode you are looking for has disappeared from the site, it is most likely because our online rights to it have expired.

Can I download a show to watch later?

Due to online rights obligations, we do not offer downloads of our video content, so episodes must be watched online at TVNZ OnDemand. You can save an episode to your watchlist to view later, however you will need to watch it before the online rights expire.

Does TVNZ charge me to use the service or is it free?

TVNZ will not charge you for any of the videos or content you watch. It is all free.

Why do I have to watch adverts?

TVNZ OnDemand is an advertising funded service, having advertising in our shows mean we can continue to premiere our fantastic range of shows like iZombie and Scandal for free!

Can I use TVNZ OnDemand overseas?

Unfortunately no - most of our TVNZ OnDemand videos are only viewable from within New Zealand due to our rights agreements so right now the new version of TVNZ OnDemand is not available outside of New Zealand.

However we are working to provide a selection of locally produced shows to viewers outside of New Zealand.

Why does my video keep stopping and starting?

You might not have enough data or bandwidth available to watch the video:

Try watching the same video on TVNZ OnDemand via a computer or try watching a different video app like You Tube to see if videos are able to play out.

If it plays without freezing then there may be another issue, in which case you should contact us here:

Why can't I choose a video stream quality?

Our TVNZ OnDemand app uses a technique called 'adaptive bitrate streaming'.

In English, this means it works by detecting your available connection speed and device capabilities and then selects a picture quality that best matches these at that very moment. Clever eh?

If your available connection speed changes while video is being played out, the picture quality will adjust as required. This results in very minor freezing of video, fast start time and ultimately the best viewing experience possible regardless of your device or connection speed. Hope that translation helped!

Why am I being asked to update my TVNZ OnDemand app?

If you are being forced to update your app, it will be because we have made an update to the app that is critical to its use. Because of this, we will have locked previous version of the app and you will now need to update in order to continue using the service.

What can I watch on Live TV?

With Live TV, you are now able to watch channels TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2 and TVNZ DUKE live, on the site and in the app.

So, if your favourite show plays on any of our channels, you can watch it live with TVNZ at the time it would play on TV!

Can I rewind a Live TV stream?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a rewind function with our Live TV due to rights agreements.

However, if you catch the end of something and feel like watching the start, or earlier episodes of the show, we would recommend you check whether there is an OnDemand catch up episode available!

A particular show I want to watch live isn't available. Why not?

If a show is not available live, we would recommend using the Live TV option to try watch it. Whether it broadcasts on TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2 or TVNZ DUKE, you will be able to watch that show on this channel using our Live TV functionality.

If the show is not on one of our broadcast channels, unfortunately due to the current rights agreements we have with content providers, we are unable to offer standalone live streams of every single show we have at the present moment.

How will I know when a new episode has been added to My Favourites?

On Apple TV your My Favourites selection will display on the first belt on the Homepage.  When a new episode is added, the Show tiles will display a New Episodes badge.

Any episodes that are soon to expire will also include a badge so you do not miss out.

Still having problems?

If you hit a problem that is not covered above, then try closing the app and then opening it again to see if the problem goes away.

To close the Apple TV app, click on your name in the main navigation menu and then select Log out.

My app has frozen, how do I restart it?

Press the Home button to return to the Home screen of your Apple TV.

Double-press the Home button to enter multitasking mode.

Swipe left or right to select the app in question.

Swipe up to force quit the app.

How do I add a show to My Favourites?

Just use the star icon next to the show on the Show page.  On Apple TV your My Favourites selection will display on the first belt on the Homepage.

Where is the A-Z?

If you’re looking for shows in an A-Z format, you’ll need to head to the Search option. By default, this presents all our content in alphabetical order and offers letters to narrow the search by.

How can I find the show I want?

TVNZ OnDemand on Apple TV has voice search so you can find the shows you want faster! Simply head to the search section in the app and use the microphone button on your remote. If you’re unsure of what to do, the app has some instructions as you go to help.

If you’re a bit more old fashioned, you can always use the remote to select letters and spell the show you’re after!

How do I change channels when using Live TV?

If you’re watching a Live TV channel and you feel like a change or checking what else is on, simply swipe up on your remote. You’ll be able to browser what’s playing elsewhere and change channels.

How do I register for the app?

If you haven’t got an account, you’ll need to register and verify your account on a device other than your Apple TV 4th Generation or 4K, as we don’t have Registration functionality built into this app. After registering, you should be free to login to the TVNZ OnDemand app on your Apple TV!

Why am I receiving an error message saying incorrect timezone/not in NZ?

To view most content on TVNZ, you need to be in New Zealand. If you are receiving an error message even though you are in NZ, there may be a problem with the settings on your computer which determine your location.

There are a few different problems that could be causing this error message.

1) Check the timezone on your device - make sure it is set to New Zealand time - Auckland/Wellington (+12hrs), and that the time is accurate. Also, please ensure the automatically adjust for daylight savings time tickbox is selected

2) Please check if you, or anyone in your household is routing your connection through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPNs allows users to appear as though they are actually from a different part of the world.

3) If you recently changed your ISP or internet plan, check with your ISP that your IP address has been correctly set up as a NZ IP.

If you can confirm that your household is not using a VPN, your timezone is correct, you are not trying to watch via a Smart TV browser and your ISP is able to confirm that your IP address has been set up correctly, then please get in touch and let us know: