Android phone and tablet FAQs

How do I get the TVNZ OnDemand app for my supported Android device?

Glad you asked! It's simple really. The app's free and available from the Play Store. 

To download the app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open up Play Store on your smartphone. 
  2. Find 'TVNZ OnDemand' through the search function.
  3. Tap on the TVNZ OnDemand app, click the 'free' button and away you go!


What are the supported devices and software for the app?

The TVNZ OnDemand Android app has been designed to run on smart phones using Android 4.3 and above. We’ve done our best to acquire and test the app on as many different Android smart phones as possible, but unfortunately there’s no guarantee that it will work on some as well as it does on others.

If you’re having trouble with the TVNZ OnDemand app, unfortunately it may simply be that our app isn’t compatible with your device, especially if it’s an older model.

If you have one of the latest Android smart phones, but only advertisements play in the OnDemand app before an error message reads ‘The video cannot be played at this time,’ we are working to fix this. In the meantime, please let us know what device you’re using, and we’ll be in touch once the resolution is in place.

What operating model do I need?

TVNZ OnDemand for Android was built to run on Android 4.3 and above, preferably.

TVNZ OnDemand doesn't work on my Android device. Why not?

This could be due to one of many reasons, the first and most likely case being that the specs of your device do not work with TVNZ OnDemand.

We’ve done our best to acquire and test the app on as many different Android devices as possible, but unfortunately there’s no guarantee that the OnDemand app will work on some as well as it does on others.

If you’re having trouble with the TVNZ OnDemand app, unfortunately it may simply be that our app isn’t compatible with your device, especially if it’s an older model.

Can I Chromecast using the TVNZ app on my Android device?

Good news! We've launched Chromecast on iOs and Android. Make sure to update to the latest version of the app to get Chromecast on your device.

Currently though, we don't officially support Sony Android TV models with Chromecast built into them.

I have one of the devices that's supported so why can't I find the app in the Samsung App Store?

Hmmm, it's likely that your device is running an OS version lower than Android 4.1 or above. You can check which software version you are running by going to "Settings > About Device > Android version". Advice on upgrading your software version can be found here.

It's also possible that you're signed in to the Samsung App Store with an overseas ID. Make sure you sign in with your NZ account as the app is only available to folks based in New Zealand!

Why can't I choose a video stream quality?

Our TVNZ OnDemand app uses a technique called 'adaptive bitrate streaming'. In English, this means it works by detecting your available connection speed and device capabilities and then selects a picture quality that best matches these at that very moment. Clever eh?

If your available connection speed changes while video is being played out, the picture quality will adjust as required. This results in very minor freezing of video, fast start time and ultimately the best viewing experience possible regardless of your device or connection speed. Hope that translation helped!

How much of my Internet data cap will I use up?

How much of my Internet data cap will I use up?

Watching TVNZ OnDemand online video uses a lot less data than many people think.

The app works by delivering the best picture quality possible at any given moment.

The data usage is based on the default bitrate streaming of 300kbps for PCs and laptops. Smart TVs, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles which use adaptive streaming, are based on the highest streaming level available of 1000 kbps and 800kbps for gaming consoles. Actual data usage on these devices may vary depending on the connection speed available to the viewer on their respective ISP plan.

Charges for data usage by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) are not included or covered. We suggest speaking with your ISP if you have any concerns about your data usage.

Can I watch shows with a 3G connection?

Yes, but be aware that a 22-minute show could use as much as 161MB of your available data.

Contact your mobile data provider if you are unsure of your mobile data costs.

Can I restrict how much data TVNZ OnDemand uses on my mobile device?

Yes! You can now prevent the TVNZ OnDemand app from using mobile data when you're not connected to WiFi. Simply tap Settings and toggle "Watch videos when using mobile data” to off.

Can I use TVNZ OnDemand when I'm not connected to the Internet?

No. At this time you must be connected to the Internet to use the TVNZ OnDemand app.

Why does my video keep stopping and starting?

You might not have enough data or bandwidth available to watch the video.

Try watching the same video on TVNZ OnDemand via a computer on the 1500k setting or try watching a different video app like You Tube to see if videos are able to play out.

If it plays without freezing then there may be another issue, in which case you should contact us.

I'm receiving a message saying "Verify your email address" even though I have confirmed my email address

If you are receiving a message in the TVNZ OnDemand app saying "we'd hate to interrupt your viewing, so please verify your email address soon" even though you have already received confirmation that your email address has been verified, try the following steps:

- make sure you have the latest firmware updates for your device

- make sure you have updated to the latest available version of the TVNZ OnDemand app

Hopefully this will resolve the issue, but if you have tried the above steps and are still seeing the message, please get in touch and let us know. 

Ads play but the video doesn't. What can I do?

If advertisements play but shows won’t, followed by an error message either saying ‘Video not playable at this time’ or ‘Processing DRM failed’, please try the following.

Head to the Android play store and search for ‘DRM Info’. Download the first app to be suggested. It should be by Android Fung.

Please run this app, which will tell you specifically whether Google Widevine Modular DRM is supported or not. If you don't have Google Widevine Modular support, unfortunately TVNZ OnDemand won't work.

Why won't video play back at all?

First check that you aren’t on a 3G connection and your app settings “Let me play videos when using my mobile data” is switched off. 

Is your device jail broken? We are unable to support jail broken/rooted devices as this breaches the contractual agreements we have with our content providers.

If your device is not jailbroken but you still have a problem with videos not playing then please contact us.

My video has stopped playing. What can I do?

There are three things you can do to try and reset the app to get video working again:

1.  Try restarting the app. There are a few different ways to do this:

- go to Settings, then select Application Manager. Find TVNZ OnDemand and select Stop or Force Stop.

- select the Task Manager button on the bottom left of your device. Find TVNZ OnDemand app and swipe upwards to close.

- alternatively, refer to the Samsung support website for more infomation on how to close apps on your particular device. 

2.   Try restarting your device. Hold down the power button on the right side of your device and wait until the Power Off message appears. Select Power off, wait 30 seconds then hold down the power button again to turn your app back on.

3.  Delete the app from your device and re-download from the Samsung or Google Play Store.

If you’re still having problems please contact us.

Can I watch TVNZ OnDemand on the browser on my phone or tablet?

No, unfortunately this just isn't possible.

Why do I get a picture and no audio when watching video?

Aahhh please double check your device isn't on mute. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us!

Why do I get audio and no picture when watching video?

This could be because you might not have enough bandwidth available to watch the video, so the app has downgraded to an audio-only stream. We would recommend trying to watch the video on TVNZ OnDemand, using a computer on the 1500k setting. If that plays without freezing then there may be another issue, in which case you should contact us. Please and thank you.

Can I use the TV-Out (HDMI) capabilities of my device?

Not at this time, alas, due to rights restrictions.

Why am I being asked to update my TVNZ OnDemand app?

As were constantly changing and improving systems to ensure you have the best product possible, we will have made an update to the app that is critical to its use. Because of this, TVNZ OnDemand have locked the previous version of the app (goodbye) and you'll now need to update in order to continue using the service.

How do I contact TVNZ OnDemand?

Easy, you can contact TVNZ OnDemand via our Contact Form by clicking here.