What are the steps to obtain footage?top

When we receive your online request form a researcher will be assigned to your project and we will undertake a search of our archive database and tell you what relevant material is held. The information you provide on the online request form is the information the researcher will use to find any relevant footage we hold. If you also provide details of the rights you need on your request form then we will estimate licence fees and supply costs and provide a quote.

Footage is searched for via our free-text search database with each item indexed by subject, date, title, personality, source, copyright detail, and fully shot listed. Shot lists of the items relevant to your search are emailed to you so that you can decide what you would like to view. The shot lists generally include copyright information and further advice on copyright can be provided.

Viewing tapes are prepared on request. Using the viewing material you will select the shots you would like to license and then you can place your master order by providing the in and out time code points and shot descriptions from the preview tapes.

A licence agreement is emailed for signature and an invoice covering supply costs and the minimum licence fee is provided for payment. Once payment and a signed licence are returned, the master material is despatched. You report on your final usage and any usage of footage over the minimum is charged in a separate invoice

How long does the whole process take?top

The time it takes to provide you with research results depends mainly on the size of your research request so if yours is a large request, come to us as early as you can. For an average request we can usually schedule and complete your request in a day or two.

For viewing or master material please allow 3 to 4 working days to allow for access to our suite schedule.

If there are copyright requirements associated with your selected footage please allow up to 5 working days for copyright clearance with 3rd party rights holders to allow for permissions to be received from the right holders

What is in the TVNZ Collection?top

The TVNZ Archive is New Zealand's largest audiovisual production library. It stores most of the locally-produced programmes broadcast in New Zealand by TVNZ, including news, current affairs, documentaries, sports, entertainment and drama. In addition, it houses the National Film Unit Collection. The TVNZ Archive also holds the largest collection in the world of moving images recording the culture and heritage of Maori.

How much does it cost to license material?top

The cost of licensing footage consists of a licence fee plus the research and supply costs. The licence fee depends on factors such as the rights required, territories, licence period and the footage itself. If you can provide these details in your online request form then we will be able to estimate the licence fees and supply costs and provide you with a quote.

What electronic file formats can you supply?top

Our material can be supplied on the following electronic file formats

  • MP4 .mpeg
  • Quicktime .mov

What Viewing facilities do you have?top

Viewing facilities are available at the Archive at Avalon, Lower Hutt, Wellington at a cost. A scheduled viewing at the archive facility can be arranged for you as an alternative to having viewing material dubbed for you.



Can I get copies of old programmes from the 1960s and 1970s?top

The TVNZ Archive is by no means limitless, but you can definitely get programmes from 1960 onward. We don't hold everything but it is always worth asking.

Why can't I have a particular programme?top

There are a number of reasons why a particular programme may not be available. Some programmes are restricted by copyright law, some are owned by a company other than TVNZ and some are simply not held in the TVNZ Collection. Overseas programmes, movies and commercials are not held as part of the TVNZ Collection at Nga Taonga Sound & Vision.

What formats can I get my footage/programme on?top

Footage for personal and private use is supplied on DVD. We can also supply footage as an electronic file that can be emailed to you in some circumstances.

How long will my order take to arrive?top

Orders generally take 10 days to be dubbed and dispatched from the date that we receive payment.

What will it cost?top

The cost of footage for personal use varies - the total cost depends on the duration of the clip and what format it is being transferred from. The cost ranges from $76 upwards.

Why is it so expensive?top

Nga Taonga Sound & Vision do not hold programmes and news clips on DVDs ready to simply send out when they are requested. Each order is a special, one-off transfer and there are a number of costs incurred with such an order. This service is run on a cost-recovery basis only and the fees that we charge for the supply of material reflects the real cost to Nga Taonga Sound & Vision to produce and supply one-off copies of our archived material.

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