About TVNZ Footage Licensing

Footage requests are categorised as either Commercial Use or Personal Use.
Some examples are given below to assist you in your next step:

Examples of Commercial Use:top

  • Footage for use in a documentary or television commercial
  • A copy of a news item featuring your company for use on your website                                                    
  • Pictures for that motivational training session for your Sales Team
  • Footage for a promotional video for your company.  

Before submitting a request dont forget to check our extensive online catalogue of commercial video here

Examples of Personal Use:top

  • a copy of a news item featuring a family member
  • a programme you missed and want to catch up on
  • footage for students to use in the classroom / university
  • a copy of an item for a company or organization's own records.


To place a footage request please click on the appropriate button below.

Supply / Formattop

TVNZ's library collection is stored on a variety of digital and analogue formats.  For personal use requests, copies of items can be supplied as a media file or DVD.  For commercial requests, catalogue records (including dates, personalities, shot descriptions, etc.) and/or preview copies may be supplied to assist with image selection.  Final copies are supplied as media files.

Contact ustop

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Commercial Use Requests:

Phone 0800 880 550   or Email: TVNZsales@gettyimages.com

Personal Use Requests: Email: DPL_Ext_Requests@tvnz.co.nz                  

Or use our Online request form for Personal Requests.

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