About TVNZ Footage Licensing

Footage requests are categorised as either Commercial Use or Personal Use.
Some examples are given below to assist you in your next step:

Examples of Commercial Use:top

  • Need footage for use in a documentary or television commercial?
  • Want a copy of a news item featuring your company for use on your website?
  • Looking for footage for that motivational training session for your Sales Team?
  • Perhaps you need footage for a promotional video for your company

Examples of Personal Use:top

  • Want to keep a copy of that news item your grandparent was in?
  • Missed a programme and want a copy to catch up?
  • Students needing footage for use in the classroom / university assignment?
  • Libraries or corporates wishing to have a copy of an item for their own records

To place a footage request please click on the appropriate button below.

Research & Preview Tapestop

Footage is searched for via our free-text search database with each item indexed by subject, date, title, personality, source, copyright detail, and fully shot listed. Shot lists are emailed to you to assist in selecting shots. Preview tapes are prepared on request.

Supply / Formattop

TVNZ Archive's collection is stored on a variety of formats. Master tapes are not released and a transfer to your preferred format is required. Our standard master supply tape formats are Digibeta, BetaSP, Mini DV, DVCAM and our standard viewing formats are DVD and VHS and a number of electronic file formats are available on request for viewing

New Zealand's television standard is PAL. NTSC conversions to Beta SP, VHS & DVD only are available on request.

Viewing Facilitiestop

Viewing facilities are available for the Nga Taonga Sound & Vision 'TVNZ Collection' in Lower Hutt at a cost. A viewing can be scheduled for you as an alternative to a viewing dub

Contact ustop

Got a question?  Check out our FAQs page.

Commercial Use Requests: lesley.mensah@tvnz.co.nz / Ph: 09 916 6823
Personal Use Requests: PublicRequests@ngataonga.org.nz

Or use our Online request forms.


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