What's new in December?

From Why Women Kill to War & Peace and Masters of Sex, TVNZ OnDemand is the gift that keeps on giving!


Doctor Who Trailer

Get ready for the brand new season of Doctor Who, coming to you same time as the U.K.

Watch Trailer

The Dead Lands trailer

Your first look at the star-studded Kiwi action series set to take Aotearoa by storm!


The Feed is taking over...

In this new British sci-fi thriller, a high-tech brain implant connects everyone in the world. But what happens when the technology starts to malfunction?


TVNZ Highlights

Give the devil her due, this week with TVNZ.


Goodnight Kiwi Competition

Share your favourite book and be in to win signed copies of the Goodnight Kiwi stories!


Closed Captions: More shows added

We're rolling out closed captions to more shows every week OnDemand. Check here to see if your favourite show has been added.


How to watch

Confused about the different ways to watch TVNZ OnDemand? Find the way that suits you with our simple, jargon-free guide...