Grand Hotel: Check in to your new obsession

This five-star hotel has five-star secrets... Executive producer Eva Longoria welcomes you to the sunny shores and steamy scandals of Miami Beach!


10 brilliant dramas based on books

Binge some of our favourite shows that started out as novels and were brought to life on the small screen!


High School trailer

Your first look at the new high-stakes, high-adrenaline local series following 12 hopeful students on their quest to become professional skydivers.

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Winter is heating up on TVNZ OnDemand

Find your comfy spot on the sofa because we’ve got zombies, sexperts and Miami’s hottest hoteliers coming in June!


TVNZ Highlights

Making a grand entrance, this week with TVNZ


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Closed Captions: More shows added

We're rolling out closed captions to more shows every week OnDemand. Check here to see if your favourite show has been added.


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